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Choir Bonding

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I discovered that some of the men in our choir had special bonds....


I was in a men's early music choir at University. Maybe people think that men who sing in choirs are gay, but it's not really true. When I joined, I saw there were a couple of gay guys in the choir, but most of the guys were straight, or bi....in certain ways. Let me put it this way. Singing can generate a lot of 'heat' within the choir, and sometimes that leads to things happening between the singers...afterwards. On the way home, or something. I began to notice that sometimes guys got pretty friendly during rehearsals, and maybe those guys would leave at the same time, or I'd overhear them making plans for later. I was pretty shy and didn't socialize much, kinda went straight home. But I began to wish I'd be asked to meet up after rehearsal some time.

One day we had a fantastic rehearsal, I mean we were singing really well. There's something happens when voices are not just hitting the same notes, but are truly in harmony. It's very exciting. This was one of those times and I felt it all over my body, and I didn't feel shy, I felt wonderful. At the breaks, I was laughing and smiling and enjoying the glint I saw in everyone's eyes. One of the guys began coming over to me to chat, one of the guys that I'd seen leaving with other guys before. Every time he came over, my heart began to pound, I didn't know why, but I let it pound. Another of the guys was also paying attention to me. Smiling. Stepping over near me to say a thing or two. Well, at the end of rehearsal, the first guy, Ted, kind of took me aside and asked if I might want to go over to his place, just to 'relax and fool around a little.' I said, sure, I'd love to.

My heart pounded again. I thought, 'What's this?? We'll just have a little wine and talk, why am I so emotional?' I thought, 'Does he want to have sex with me? No, he's not gay, I know he dates girls,' and put it out of my head. Then he told me that the other guy, Ray, might come over too, but he wasn't sure. Ah, so I thought, you see, it's not about sex at all. Just socializing. I didn't have a car, so after a few minutes of hanging out with the choir, Ted handed me my coat and we got in his car. He was oddly silent. I mean, he was talking so much inside, and now he was quiet. He made a little small talk, and asked me some questions about myself and even if I had a girlfriend (no). Then he popped the question, 'Do you ever play with guys? I'm just asking, because sometimes Ray and I, well, we like to play around a little. That's not why I invited you, but, you know, I just was wondering, and Ray was, too.'

Whew! Now my heart was REALLY pounding. I felt close to fainting, and my voice went really...feeble, I guess. 'Sure, I have a couple times,' I lied. 'That sounds cool.' I couldn't believe how the words just came out, right like that!!! Ted smiled. We drove in silence to his place, and sat down with glasses of wine. The phone rang, and it was Ray. Ted told him to come on over. Then he turned to me and said that Ray would be over in half an hour or so and we could relax for a while. We talked a little, and then he asked if I wanted to get naked. I said sure, and we both stripped. Ted was tall and blondish, almost fifty, but in very good shape, very nice buns and an attractive, very perfect package between his legs. We sat chatting about the group and this and that, and I felt more and more at ease, and, actually, very close to Ted. He came and sat next to me, and put his hand between my legs, and rubbed me slowly and gently, but firmly, pinning me to the sofa. And he kissed me! Not a little kiss, but a full, deep tongue kiss that went on for a long time. THAT I wasn't expecting! I was flustered, but it was hot. He looked at me and laughed and made a joke about singers being very oral! Then we heard Ray come up the steps, and he let himself in. It was then I realized I had a full erection.

Ray got some wine, went into the bathroom, came out naked and sat down across from us. While Ted stroked my cock, Ray and I chatted. He'd had to go home to get permission from his girlfriend to go 'out with the boys' and she gave him 'full blessing'. He said that I'll meet her one day, soon, and Ted said that she's gorgeously beautiful (she is!). Then Ray came over an knelt in front of Ted, and took his cock in his hand and started to stroke it. Ted let out a little moan, and then planted his mouth over mine again and began stroking and tonguing me, stroking and tonguing, in unison. Flattened onto the sofa, with my head back, I began undulating my hips and head in to receive his rubbing and long, strong French kisses. I was still shocked a little at what was happening, but my tongue woke up and found its way between Ted's lips, and joined his, pulsating in rhythm. I remember thinking, 'I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum'...I was so excited and close, but it went on for five, ten, fifteen minutes until Ted began to moan as Ray began jacking his cock harder and harder until it was almost a blur. I felt Ted's tongue stiffen, and his body arch, and I knew he was cumming, and I started fucking his hand, hard, just a few strokes and I had the most amazing orgasm of my life just as Ted's hand clutched me hard in orgasm.

Wow! Ray leaned up over Ted with cum dripping on his face, and they kissed. When their lips parted, they were both coated with cum. It was incredibly hot, and I sat up and kissed Ted, then Ray! Ray stood up in front of us, with his hard cock bobbing in the air. He looked at me, and then turned and placed his cock in Ted's hand, inches from my face. Ted's fingers went to work, and my eyes were glued on them. Ted teased Ray, bringing him to the edge and backing off several times. During one of those 'breaks', I realized that I was hard again, and stroking myself, and then stroked harder and harder until finally, with a loud groan, Ray, at the last moment, pulled his dick away from Ted's hand and sprayed him with cum. And mine, too, shot over Ted's belly and crotch. Delirious, I bent over and licked it off him.

Ray jumped up and said he had to go, his girlfriend was waiting to have her pussy played with, and in a moment was gone. Ted asked if I wanted a massage, and I said sure, why not. My head was still spinning. He brought me to his bed and rubbed my back and butt for a while, then rolled me over, and made his way from my head, to my nipples to my cock, and began gently stroking me again. I was overwhelmed with it all, and lay back. I felt like I passed out, and woke up seconds from another huge orgasm! Totally spent, I lay there, and then Ted rolled me over, and I felt his body sliding against mine, then his cock sliding along my butt, slowly pressing between the cheeks, then faster and more urgently, and then I felt him twitching, and a pool of wet cum at the small of my back. We fell asleep.

In the morning, I was embarrassed and confused. I mean, it was so fucking hot, but it was, GAY! Ted was cool. He told me that he has some friends like me and Ray, and he also has a steady girlfriend, and not to worry about...you know, about what everyone thinks. He said he first played with boys in choir camp, when he was just a boy, and it seemed natural, and he just loves to share sex with guys he sings with. We have such a bond, he explained, that having sex is really special. I agreed. I asked Ted about a red-head boy in the choir, whether he ever came over after practice. He laughed, and said, 'Oh, so you think he's angelic, do you?'

'Yes', he told me, 'he has taken his clothes off a couple of times.'

'Will he do it again?' I asked.

'Yes, I caught him looking at you, I'm sure he'd like to see you naked, too.'

And two weeks later, my heart was pounding again, as the red-head boy stripped of his clothes in front of me.



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