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Charity Shop Bra Fun

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A trip to the charity shop netted me two bras for the price of one and an incredible time enjoying them there and later at home.


I was out in my home town a few days back with my parents we were taking in all the shops getting the bargains from the sales. My parents were about to go to a bar and I said I didn't want to go but wanted to check something out in a previous shop. I had an ulterior motive.

I was horny as hell from looking at the bras and panties in the charity shops. I walked back to one of the shops with a devious plan. I entered the shop and began to look around. At the counter there was a middle aged woman reading a book. A few browsers were in the shop. I slowly made my way up to the book section. From which place I could see all the sexy bras and panties that women had given up. I spent about 10 minutes reading book covers secretly peeking at the underwear.

As more people came and went in and out of the shop I became more daring I would have a feel of the bras. By this time my cock was twitching. I had to do something and quick. When no one was looking I put my hand down my pants and began to wank off. It felt so good I didn't want to stop but as I had been in there for such a long time I thought I had better move elsewhere.

I moved to the next charity shop where again a woman was at the counter she was fairly old but had a white shirt on which I would clearly see her bra through I was instantly hard as a rock for her. I eyed up where the bras were I instantly knew I was going to blow my load in this shop. I grabbed some men's clothes off the rack and walked to around where the bras were pretending to look at some vases. Once again I was feeling the bras and rubbing my throbbing cock down my pants.

A young man came in and was looking at the men's clothing he picked a shirt up and went to pay I knew this was my chance. I grabbed at the bras managing to grab one. I then proceeded swiftly to the changing area which was 2 booths with a curtain. From the curtain I could see the door and most of the shop but not the counter where the woman was sitting. I hung the clothes on a peg and inspected the bra. It was a 34C UK size from M&S. Black soft and strapless.

I pulled my trousers down releasing my 6" cock I began to stroke my cock with one hand whilst with the other playing with the bra still hanging on the peg. I kept peeking out of the curtain when I heard a noise fearing I had been found out. I was pleasuring myself with fast strokes rubbing every contour of the bra. I was in ecstasy. I picked the bra off the peg and began rubbing it on my face and lips. It smelt clean with the slightest hint of perfume.

A quick peek out of the curtain to make sure I was ok. The woman was walking around the shop pricing different items and generally tidying. She didn't seem to notice I was wanking hard just feet away from her. I was so horny I decided to let her see what I was doing. I wrapped the bra around my cock and began pumping; it felt so good against my shaft. A few seconds later and I had opened the curtain slightly so as I could see her and she could see me.

I didn't get any sort of reaction from her as she didn't seem to notice me. I was fixated on her bra line that I could see through her shirt. I was imagining stroking myself with her bra. By now there was pre cum all over the bra. I was making blatant grunts to try and arouse her attention but she seemed oblivious and walked back to the counter where I lost sight of her.

I Wanted to blow my load so I quickly built my way up to my orgasm. The curtain slightly open I could see a young woman aged around 23-25 come into the shop she was a stunner. I was now fixated on her as I approached my orgasm when low and behold she picks a shirt out and heads to the changing area next to mine. I immediately knew this was the perfect opportunity. As there was only a curtain blocking the two rooms I pulled the separating curtain slightly around a 2 inch gap from which place I could see the mirror in the next changing room thus the whole changing room.

She entered took off her coat then jumper then the real show. She began to undo the buttons on her shirt. One by one they came undone with each one I was approaching my creamy orgasm all over the black soft bra. When I first got a peek of her bra I almost blew my load but I knew I had a few seconds more of this before I should cum. Once her shirt was off I looked at her bra and tits in all their glory. She had a white bra on with a lace trim at the top and shiny satin at the bottom. I began wanking so hard now just ready for my orgasm when the unthinkable happened.

She started to unhook the bra. Once it was off she dropped it on the floor with that I blew my load. I came 9 hot fast creamy wads all over the bra. The left cup was literally filled with hot spunk, any part that wasn't was soon covered as I wiped the cum off my cock. I was still watching the woman while doing this milking the last drops out of my cock I made a pleasant sigh of relief. I stuffed the cum filled bra down my pants ready to make my exit. I got a few feet out of the stall when I thought I could get the bra she had dropped. I went back in trying not to arouse any suspicion. I was trembling as I lifted the bottom of the curtain just a fraction and reached my fingers under. I grabbed it and slowly pulled it from under the curtain. The woman was admiring her body in the boob tube shirt she was trying on. I brought the bra to my nose sniffing it. It was still warm and smelt so sexy. I was hard again but knew I was pushing my luck. I stuffed it up my t-shirt. I quickly made an exit of the shop. I passed the counter on the way out dropping more than enough money into the collection box to pay for the bra I had stuffed down my pants. I went home and had 4 wanks that day sniffing and wanking with the woman's bra. In fact I have it wrapped around my cock now ready for another hot creamy load. Any stories like this would be great to hear. I have many more.



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