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Chapter 2, The Pleasure We Want

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We awoke, showered and spent a wonderful morning.


I slept longer,  deeper,  and harder than I had in years.  As I came from nocturne to daytime I heard the shower running.  Still naked from the previous night I discovered your luscious form in the massive shower.

Stepping in behind you you turned,  we embraced then kissed.  Except for the running water we were silent as I soaped up my hands and washed every inch of you.  Removing the shower wand I then rinsed you slowly and precisely letting the massaging bond beat on your breasts.  Placing one of your legs on the shower bench I then let the wand thoroughly rinse between your legs as soft moaning sounds could be heard.

Taking the shower head away you commenced to wash me letting your soapy, silky hands move up and down my shaft. So good it felt.  So close yet you never finished me.

Drying each other you whispered,  ''take me back to bed.''

I laid you on the bed,  we kissed,  naked,  warm and clean our hands moved on each other as we kissed.

You gave me a little smile as you reminded me of our steamy e-mail and phone calls that started all this.  Lets have on of those special calls except I will do to you what I always told you to do.

I propped your head on a pillow.  Then you bent your legs.  Slowly I kissed your left foot and caressed your ankle with my hot breath and kisses.  Even more slowly I lifted your leg and kissed the calf of your leg then let hot breath and kisses play at the bend below your knee.  Kissing upward the back of your thigh got the same attention.  My attention went higher and kisses passed over your thigh where it touches your mound.  Your tummy got the hot kisses and hot breath before moving to your left breast which I sucked as if trying to have your nipples feed me.

Now my attention went to the right side of your body.  As I nursed at your right nipple my hand laid on your mound putting pressure on you massaging with alternate heavy and light strokes.  Your moans got louder as I returned to your  tummy then slowly down your right leg.  

Returning to your left foot I retraced the route of kissing and heavy breath on you.  This time though I opened you with my fingers blowing hot breath deep into you then a soft kiss before moving upward.  Your breasts I cupped before alternating my kisses and sucking between them.  Moving lower when I opened you I blew into you then ran my tongue  up and down  the opening. 

Your breathing and moaning intense I inserted a finger deeply. Simultaneously I took your love button in my mouth.  As my finger pumped  in and out my lips held your clit captive as my tongue tortured it.  Thats right love drown my face in your sweet nectar,  drown me with your love  potion.

Most of the resort heard the moment when you did drown me on your third or fourth orgasm.  With your nectar still in my mouth we locked in a deep passionate kiss our tongues letting you taste how delightfully elegant your flavor is. 

My body now on fire and dripping with precum I penetrated you deeply and while slamming in and out of you I suckled switching from side to side.  I could feel the walls of your slippery, wet pussy squeeze me and pulsate as you came the first time.

And then, we both screamed as I filled you. Sliding back down I licked and sucked you clean.  As my tongue swirled in you your body there were little aftershock orgasms.  

Again we kissed and your tongue found the delicious love potion our bodies created.

Nestled in my arms you said,  ''after our nap and a shower get my bag please.''



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