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CFNM For Jennifer

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CFNM- Clothed Female, Nude Male


This happened back in the summer. I had been out of lube for about 4 days and that is a long time for me to go without jacking off. My day off came around and I went over to my local drugstore to pick some up and to get some women's ponytail bands that I use as cockrings.   There was this cute young woman that worked there, Jennifer, and she and I always flirted a lot.  She was 20 years old and had a boyfriend, but that didn't stop her from coming on to me. This made me feel great because I am 55+. She didn't have much in the tit department but she had a great ass and always wore thin skin tight slacks and no panties or a thong, because there were never any panty lines.   Her slacks went right up the crack of her ass and her butt cheeks wiggled so nicely when she walked.   If she was not busy she would come out to where I was and ask if I was finding everything ok. She would walk away from me, then turn around and walk back past so I got a couple of really nice looks at her ass.

Anyway I went into the store and Jennifer was at the register. I said hi and started walking down an isle. There was no one else in the store and the next thing I knew she was right behind me and asked if I needed any help. I asked her where the women's ponytail bands were and also the personal lubricant.   She said, 'Follow me and if you see anything else you like let me know.'   She started to walk away from me and I followed a few feet behind. Then I said, 'Your butt.' She stopped, turned and said, 'What did you say?' I said, 'I said your butt. Well you did say if I saw anything else I liked to let you know.'   She said, 'You are such a dirty old man.' She turned and grabbed a pack of the ponytail bands and handed them to me and said, 'The personal lubricant is right over here.'  As I picked a bottle off the shelf she asked, 'Why do you need these things? You told me that you were single and didn't have a girlfriend. Did you lie to me?' I said, 'No, and are you sure you want to know?' She said she wanted to know.

I think she expected me to lie, but I said, 'I use them when I masturbate.' She turned three shades of red and stuttered, 'Ah, ah, ah, you masturbate. I didn't think any guy would ever admit to doing that.' I said, 'Would you rather I lied to you and then you would not know whether to trust me or not because you would probably know I was lying.' She put her hand on my arm and said, 'No, I'm glad you told me, it just caught me off guard. I've asked my boyfriend several times if he does it and he denies it, but I know he does. I found a pair of my panties with his stuff on them. I would like to watch him do it, but I can't ask him.'

I asked her if she would like to watch me. She blushed again and said, 'My boyfriend's one thing, but other than here at the store, I really don't know you.' I said, 'What's to know? Would you like to watch a man jack himself off or not?'  She said she would love to but she thought she would be too embarrassed to watch someone she really didn't know. I told her I would be sure she was very relaxed and at ease and she could leave if she felt too uneasy at anytime. She asked me if she could bring a friend. She said she was 19 and had never seen a man do that to himself either. I told her if that would make her feel more at ease I would love it.  She said she got off in a couple of hours and they would be over shortly after that.   I said, 'I usually masturbate everyday and I haven't for four days because I was out of lube and I was planning to do it as soon as I got home, but I would love to wait.'

My cock was straining to get out of my shorts and she saw it and blushed again. She said, 'Are you sure you can wait? We could do it some other time.' I quickly said, 'No, I'll wait. I love being watched by young women and it's been 4 days and I'll really cum a lot and give you and your friend a much better show.' She blushed again and said, 'I don't know if I can wait. My heart is pounding right now just thinking about watching you.'

I got everything set up so they could sit on the loveseat and I could sit on the coffee table in front of them. I pre-mixed some drinks so I could start relaxing them as soon as they came in. I put on some shorts that are pretty much see through so they could get a nice view before I stripped. Then they were knocking at the door. I opened the door and Jennifer said, 'Hi! Just me.' I said, 'Come on in ladies.' Both girls were wearing shorts and halter tops. Jennifer looked down and saw my cock and gave a little gasp. My cock was very hard and over to one side and very visible.   Jennifer stepped over to me and gave me a hug and pressed her pubic area right against my cock and whispered, 'You look great.'  She released me and turned to her friend and introduced us. Her name was Kathy and as I stepped to her and took her hand she saw my cock for the first time. She was very pretty and great tits. She stared at my cock and balls for several seconds. Then she looked up at me and said hello. I asked the girls to sit down and I had drinks for them so they could relax a little.

Jennifer said, as she blushed, 'Would you mind getting undressed for us before you get the drinks.' I said I would love to. They sat on the loveseat and I stood in front of them and took off my t-shirt and slowly dropped my shorts to the floor. They gasped when my cock popped free and my balls were hanging down. Jennifer said, 'I didn't know you were that well done. Kathy look, his dick and balls are all shaven. I really like that, don't you?' Kathy just nodded but was still surprised and just staring at my cock and balls. I thanked her and asked if they would like their drinks now. I walked over to the fridge and got their drinks. When I came back, their eyes were on my cock and balls. Kathy was closest and I walked up too her and held her drink for her to take. As she took the drink I turned and pressed my cock against the back of her hand. She didn't move it as I released her drink and I noticed a large drop of precum on the head of my cock. As she pulled her hand back I turned more and the head of my cock brushed across the back of her hand and left a line of precum on her. She took a big drink at once. As I walked around to Jennifer I grabbed my cock between my thumb and forefinger and milked another big drop of precum out on the head. She quickly stuck her hand out as I stepped up to her. She moved her hand over against my cock. I asked her, 'Are you ready for yours?' She quickly nodded and when I handed her the drink she rubbed the back of her hand across my cockhead to get my precum.

By now they both seemed to be breathing a little quicker and they were gulping their drinks. I asked them if they needed refreshing and they said yes. As I fixed their drinks I could hear them whispering. When I returned Kathy said, 'Could we please watch you jack that beautiful cock off now?' Jennifer added, 'Please?' I said they needed to help me a little. I got the ponytail bands and gave each of them one and asked them to put them on me. I came over to Kathy first and told her to put it over my cock and under my balls. I warned her not to let it snap. She was very gentle and she touched me a lot and got it on very well. Then it was Jennifer's turn. She seemed to kind of fumble it a little and had to grip my cock and then my balls and back to my cock while adjusting it. My cock was less than 6' from her face and I knew she was doing it on purpose. Kathy said, 'Jenn, you better not make him cum.'

I sat down on the coffee table and I was so turned on I knew it would take all my strength to last for more than just a few minutes. The precum was flowing out of my cockhead and I saw that Jennifer had it all over her hands. I spread my legs out and sat on the edge of the coffee table so my balls were hanging down. I spread my legs to touch each of the girl's bare legs. The contact was electric. I wrapped my hand around my cock at the head and poured some lube around it. I started moving my hand up and down spreading the lube and I had never seen my cockhead that fat before. Both girls took big drinks as they watch me and licked their lips. I was stroking very slowly to try to make myself last, but I knew it was not working. The girls were talking about me as if I weren't there.

Kathy said, 'Look how fat his balls are and how they're bouncing up and down. That is so fucking hot.' Jennifer said, 'Look how swollen and purple his cockhead is.' I said, 'Oh! Girls my cock is feeling so good I don't know if I can last much longer.' Jennifer said, 'Please don't cum yet. We are really enjoying watching you jack yourself off and want to watch you a lot longer. Tell him Kathy.' Kathy said, 'Please, Jennifer is right. We are really enjoying watching you jack that beautiful cock and when you cum it will be all over. Please don't cum yet.'

I said, 'Please girls, I need to cum. My balls really hurt. Feel how swollen they are.' Jennifer leaned over and grabbed my balls and started massaging them. It felt so good. Jennifer said, 'How does that feel?' I told her it felt great but it was going to make me cum sooner. Jennifer said, 'Feel his balls Kathy.' She reached over and was massaging my balls and Jennifer said, 'Feel how hard his balls are. He's going to cum like crazy.' Jennifer started playing with my balls too and I was in another zone of pleasure. Kathy said, 'Jennifer, please I want to see him cum now.'

Jennifer said, 'Can you cum for us now? We really want to watch you squirt your stuff.' I started really jerking and my cock was feeling like it had never felt before. My cockhead was tickling so much I could feel it in my asshole. I said, 'Oh! Girls, my cock is feeling so fucking good. I'm going to cum all over the place. My cock has never felt this good before.' Jennifer said, 'Come on baby show me how a real man jacks himself off and lets his girlfriend watch.'

I started squirting my cum everywhere and Jennifer and Kathy were talking about how much I was cumming. After the first big squirts stopped the cum just flowed out as I kept pumping my cock. Then I was done and just laid back on the coffee table with my cock in my hand. I heard Jennifer say, 'Kathy, get some warm wash cloths from the bathroom so we can clean him up.' She put her hand under my head and raised me up and gave me a big drink of her very strong drink. She said she was glad she brought Kathy because if she had been by herself she would have jumped me and fucked my brains out. This made me feel great since I was old enough to be her grandfather. Kathy was back with the warm cloths and they started to clean me up. I grabbed Jennifer and gave her a slow kiss and told her everything was great. She returned the kiss even more passionately. Then I kissed Kathy. They both showed me huge wet spots in their shorts and wet spots on the loveseat. I guess they did enjoy themselves. They both cleaned me up and we all had a few more drinks. I told them they were in no condition to drive so they stayed the night. We slept together and I got to see them naked finally and they were beautiful. We did a lot of fondling that night but no sex. They asked if we could do this again and I said anytime.



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