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Caught the Baby Sitter in the Act

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Solo touch has really helped me and touched me in a very special way, Hope it has helped you too. This occued the third week of May 2004.


I was going on a blind date set up by one of my co-worker. The guy is about eight years older than me and has two kids, so I agreed to meet him at his apartment and then we would walk into town for dinner.

We were there talking for about 20 minutes when the baby sitter arrived 15 minutes late. Her name was Cindy; she was about 18 years old, in her last year of high school and getting ready for college. She was pretty, about six feet tall, had red hair, was slim and was about 100 pounds. Though this was not something I noticed at first. She lived in the same building as he did, but on a different floor with her parents.

Dave told Cindy to help herself to anything in the house. He left $20.00 to get pizza delivered for her and the kids. We did not intend on being late and agreed with Cindy we'd be home by 10:00 PM.

We had a great dinner and then went for a walk though town. We talked about life and about sex. We both wanted to have it, but agreed the first date was not to be the first time. Maybe we would the second date!

While walking up the hill to the complex, we could see that the only light on in the apartment was the TV in the living room.

It was about 9:45 PM and Dave unlocked the door, letting me walk in first. What I saw made my jaw drop to the ground and I stopped in my tracks. Dave bumped into me and looked over my shoulder to see what I had stopped for.

Cindy was watching one of Dave's porn DVDs that she had found. She was nude and on the couch watching a lesbian scene. She did not hear us walk in, was rubbing her nipples and playing with her cleanly shaven pussy. Her eyes were almost closed and two fingers were deep inside her. You could hear the moisture being moved around by her fingers.

I was wet in about two seconds and Dave became hard right on the spot. We did not want to stop her, but really wanted her to notice us too. We sat down on the love seat, where I got very hot watching the TV and seeing it live at the same time.

I removed my blouse, undid my skirt and began to get involved in the heat of the moment. Dave undid his pants, pulled out his cock (about seven inches with a cleanly shaved ball sack) and then he began to rub himself. After about five minutes Cindy noticed us in the room, but just went on doing what she was doing.

Soon after she came with waves and quivered several times. I did too and Dave shot several huge globs of cum all over the couch. We all sat there after we came and Cindy began to laugh.

She said, 'You said I could help myself to anything in the house and I did.'

She got dressed and as she was getting ready to leave she told Dave he owed her $40.00 for baby-sitting, but the show was free. Dave gave her $50.00, said thanks and that he hoped to see you again.

Dave said good night to her and closed the door. He asked me what I thought, so I said I would love to go on another date as long as she was the baby-sitter.

Guys are one thing, but to see other females doing it is just so much hotter for me. It was a nice date, but a better evening for watching her. I hope we can have fun together in the future, if so, I will update everyone here.



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