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This story took quite a long time to happen, a period of months, in fact years, I think, looking back, but the incident itself only happened a few months ago.

I suppose it began when I was eleven, I was half way through my first year in secondary school and it was Christmas. In health education we had done drugs and alcohol and we were just beginning our unit on puberty, which later went on to sex and contraception. The first lesson we all laughed as we had to label the different parts of men and women and as we were leaving we were told that next week we learn the first signs of puberty and masturbation. It didn't mean anything to me, a few people laughed but most of us were oblivious as to what it was.

The next week came, it was the last day before the Christmas holidays and we started the lesson. Nobody was really interested in the lesson at first, we were all talking about Christmas. But we had to watch a video about the start of puberty. It started off first with your testicles dropping and so on and so forth, I got bored and then it got onto erections. They showed it using cartoons, the way your penis can become hard, I thought so that's what it is, I had been plagued by erections every morning recently. Wet dreams, they made me feel sick to hear about, and then masturbation, 'it's prefectly natural for you to touch your genitals to excite yourself sometimes to orgasm. Most people masturbate and you shouldn't be shy.' The classroom roared with laughter as there was a cartoon of a boy in bed with the sheet moving.

I went home with the distinct impression that if you masturbated you were a wanker, and I knew I didn't want to be a wanker. Well just after Christmas I woke up feeling a little pleased with myself, and then looked down in the sheet, I was covered in clear semen. I was ashamed and disgusted, I changed and asked to help mum with the wash so she wouldn't know.

It was the night before we went back to school after Christmas, and I knew I was going to have a wet dream again, I had had one nearly every morning since that first one. I'd had an erection most of the day so I couldn't do much, and I was so incredibly horny I've never known anything like it since.

I was in my bedroom watching TV, the news came on so I sat back and stared at the roof closing my legs as I did and there was a slight spark, some sensation that just tingled slightly in my stomach. I did it again and it happened again. My dad walked in, 'You gunna go to bed now?' he said, I nodded, it was pretty late.

I still had my erection in the shower, I looked down and it literally pulsed, so I rubbed the head and there was an all over body sensation so good I could barely contain my whimpers.

In bed that night I touched my erection again and a little of the clear semen came out, it made it easier to rub the head. I had to bite my quilt to keep from whimpering, eventually I clenched my fist around my penis and began to massage it, the tingles got incredibly intense and I just erupted all at once and actually hurt my jaw by clenching. It was like a warm surge all over my body as my belly seemed to do back flips and I spasmed. I didn't look at my cum on the bed, there was just a wet spot. I think I intended to change the sheets but I fell asleep instead.

The next day at school was normal, until some guys started talking about wanking, 'do you do it', 'No! I'm no wanker.' so I didn't admit it for a long time.

I masterbated nearly every night after that until I turned about fourteen, I was so horny it was in the morning, at break or dinner and at night.

It was when I was fourteen that we all went on a school trip to France, we were all allocated bedrooms of two and I was sharing with my friend, we'll call him Fred. Well France was nice, we went to bed, and I hadn't had a tug all day, and I knew I couldn't while someone else was in the room, well you can see where this is going. I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd wait until Fred was asleep and then sneek off. He went quiet but I thought I'd give it some time to make sure. I thought there wouldn't be any harm in just stroking so I did. It was an interesting sensation playing with my balls and rolling my hardon around, I found myself panting so I buried my mouth into the quilt.

I rolled over to see if Fred was asleep, and he lay there deadly still. He turned his head but I couldn't tell if he was asleep or not. I carried on stroking and watching, after a few moments of silence I decided he was asleep. Before I could do anything though he shuffled onto his back, so I lay still to see if he was still asleep. He put his knee up and silhouetted by the moonlight he gasped! There was a kind of slurping noise you can make with your mouth by opening and closing it and his was going pretty fast.

'You wanker' I laughed and he stopped dead. he turned his lamp on, he was red in the face and out of breath, 'What, you woke me up, what did you say.' I laughed, 'you were wanking I heard you,' he looked a little guilty for a second then said, 'Like you don't!' I shook my head and laughed, 'Oh yeah, I heard you breathing.' 'I was breathing,' I said quickly going a little red. 'Hey, my dad says you can't become a man till you've tugged it off. Ha, I'm a man and you're not.'

I went a bit red I think, 'I am a man.' I said, 'So you've done it then?' he said looking expectant, I nodded, 'You've done what?' he grinned, 'wanked.'

'You don't even know what it is.' he laughed 'I do!' I said annoyed, he grinned more I knew where this was going, 'Prove it!' he grinned, my heart sank, I made motions with my hand and he looked at me funny, 'Ok, well I won't tell anyone if you don't.' He said with a deadly serious face. I nodded a little relieved, 'Well you can do it then, if I can.' he said with the same tone, I nodded again.

He rolled over onto his back and moved his hand under the quilt. His shoulder started going, so I did the same. I was absolutely fascinated with the noises he made, he panted and moaned, I think I did too but I didn't care. When we'd both finshed we just fell to sleep. The next night we got in and he started at it again, I made a point of not caring, but I was already horny, he looked at me in my boxers. 'Hey do you wanna compare?' I didn't take much persuading and before I knew it we were both stood side by side comparing. At fourteen I was a little over six inches, he was slightly bigger and after that he never let me forget it.

This brings me up to a few months ago, we talked about wanking quite a lot, and gradually it became common knowledge that everyone did it, if there was one universal topic at school it was wanking. I was shocked at the amount of ways you could do it. When Fred wasn't going on about some porn he'd got or something though, he was mocking me, I cracked one day when he mentioned it in front of this girl I liked. 'That was two years ago I've grown up since then!' I scalded him and he looked a little shocked, then smugly said, 'so have I.'

There was a little argument that didn't get settled until one day in maths. We'd done nearly everything we had to for the year and we were sat at the back just talking to some lasses. He brings it up, and this lass just brings out this ruler. I was very reluctant to get it out in class but nobody was looking and it did get me quite horny. Fred didn't need any encouragement, he got it out, it was bigger than last time, though not, I thought, as big as mine. He sat there with it out, the lass I liked looked impressed, so I didn't have much choice.

I pulled it out and it looked good. She measured his, seven and a half inches, and mine dead on eight. I think that was the proudest day of my life not least because it was the day I lost my virginity to her!



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