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Cars Are Too Damn Clever

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I read a story here last year I think, about a girl who masturbated in her car when it was covered with snow. I liked the sound of that. Being so close to others and hidden only by snow on the car windows.

So when it snowed hard here in the UK I thought I would give it a go. Getting into the car without disturbing the snow on the windows was my main worry, but it was so cold, the snow had frozen hard. I still had to be careful though, but when I made it in, I was in my own little world.

Because I knew what I was going to do, I was horny by the time I got the driver's seat back and had spread my legs. I had worn a short but loose fitting skirt and under that I had a small pair of white cotton knickers.

OK, it was cold, but only externally. As I started to jill off, I was hot as hell inside. Oh it felt so gloriously bad though. The moment I pulled my knickers to one side I felt a rush of pleasure and wetness. Then, I got my knickers down to my ankles. It reminded me of my first grope in a car when I was 15. (It was with a much older man,...story for another time maybe) I lay back in a little world of mounting heat and pleasure. I came once, twice, three times...each one more powerful than before.

Then my world fell apart. With a soft crunch, the entire windscreen cleared in one go leaving me lying flat on my back, diver's seat fully reclined, knickers round one ankle, and my fingers up my hole.....and people out for a walk in the snow. I have no idea if anyone actually saw anything, but I would not be in the least surprised! I slipped my knickers off altogether and carefully raised my seat back. At least it looked ok now.

What had happened? I now know that my car, like most these days has an onboard computer. It knows the outside temperature and the moment it is unlocked AND senses someone in the drivers seat, it puts on the electrically heated front and rear screen heaters. As it was -10 where I was, it does it very slowly so as not to crack the glass, I suppose. As I had started to masturbate the snow was already melting.

For a few glorious moments, I was fully exposed. Now, safe back in my flat, WHAT a rush THAT was!

Up to that moment even the thought of getting caught jilling was enough to make me not want to do it. Now though, I really want to do it in more daring places. Maybe to start I will give it a go in a shop's fitting room, or on a train.

One thing is for sure. I really REALLY want someone to see me do it. For me that is the height of being 'kinky'.

Hmm. I'm wet again writing this. Time to take care of business. Maybe I WILL tell you about that first grope in the car when I was 15.



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