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Camping in theDesert

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Camping in theDesert by Erin
Dear Mick,

First of all I have to tell you that I love you page. I hopethat you like this story, because I really can't afford themembership right now, but I would give almost anything for achance to be in your member area. Well heres my story.

When I was about 13(I am 19 now) my parents allowed me to takea friend with us on one of our regular trip to the dessert. Wewent out and road motorcycles and quads around pretty often backthen. Well as I said my parents allowed me to bring one friend onthis trip, his name is Mat. Anyway we got in the truck and pulledthe motorcycles out to the desert and spent most of the dayriding over sand dunes and just racing around.

That night when it was time for dinner Mat and I returned toour camp, which we had set up next to a small dune. We were justabout ready to start cooking when my father realized that he hadforgotten the charcole. Well my parents talked about it forawhile and while they were, Mat leaned over and whispered that hehad sneaked a couple of his dads penthouse magazines out withhim. I said cool and then my parents walked over to us. They saidthat there would be no way to cook or keep warm unless they wentback for the charcole. I said o.k. and told them that Mat and Iwould just sit around the fire and talk. I also thought it wascool because we would have some time to look at the mags withoutthem around. They left and Mat went over to his duffel bag whichhe had left in the tent. He came back with two, pretty newPenthouses. Now I had a few mags myself, as I had discovered thejoy of looking at women's bodies and the other stuff that comeswith that about a year before. Mat also looked at them and wewould tell each other about the great piece of ass we saw in somenew magazine we got or in some movie we had seen. But we hadnever looked at them together, so I guess we were both a littleuncomfortable at first.

Anyway he brought them over and we sat down to have a look.The ones he had were different issues from mine, so I was prettyhorny. We looked at them for awhile and then traded. After awhile Mat said how hard he was getting. So I sort of laughed andsaid he should go over behind the tent and take care of it. Heasked what I meant and I said jacking off. He got a little upsetand said he never did that because he didn't need to. I said fineand we went on looking. Latter my parents came back and we haddinner. My parents were going to sleep in the tent and Mat and Iunder the stars. Mat told me to grab a small flash light, and hesaid he would get the magazines. We took our stuff up to the topof the dune and rolled out our sleeping bags. Then we strippeddown to our boxers for bed and crawled into the sleeping bags.Well it was obvious as soon as mat brought our the mags that thesmall flash light did not put out enough light for anyone but theperson holding the magazine to see. The sleeping bags were thickso we couldn't get any closer either. Then I decided we shoulduse one bag to lay on and one as a cover. We laid back down andscooted close together in order to see the beautiful naked women.

After about five minutes Mat leaned closer to me so he couldget a better look at the pussy on a great blonde. As he did sohis boxer covered cock toughed my hip just for an instant beforehe pulled it away. Judging by the amount of heat I felt from hisdick, he must have been very horny. After a little while longerwe put up the mags and decided to go to sleep. It must have beenabout three hours latter when I woke up. When I did I had aragging hardon. I notice that Mat was apparently still asleepnext to me. I was so horny and it acurred to me that I wanted tosee what his cock looked like. Dont get me wrong I'm not gay butI was extremely horny and curious. So I pulled back the covers alittle and found the small flash light. I slowly pulled the holein his boxers apart until I could see his cock. I seemed a littlebit smaller than mine was the first thing I though. But I wasn'tthrow yet. As gently as I could, not to wake him up I reacheddown and felt the shaft of his dick. This must have woken him up.When he asked what I was doing I didn't know how to respond untilI saw his dick was in fact perking up under his boxer. Thats whenI had the great idea. I told him it was warmer than I thought andI was going to sleep naked. He agreed that it was warmer and whenI suggested he do he same, he did. He tried not to let me see hiscock, but I got a good look anyway. When we first laid back downwe were facing away from each other. After a minute I moved alittle closer to him and our asses were pressing together. Hedidn't pull away, but just laid there like me. Amazingly we wentback to sleep. I woke up again and he was on his back again.

This I could not resist I reached over and started to playwith his lip cock. I whispered and asked him if he was awake. Butthere was not response. I continued to play with him and thennotice he was getting hard. I kept asking him if he was awake.Then it accrued to me that people who are asleep dont usual havehardons. Then I whispered if he liked what I was doing. Still noresponse. So I laid out straight and stopped masterbating him fora second. Then I took his hand and placed it on my stiff cock. Icontinued to beat him off. Then suddenly his hand began moving. Iwhispered to him, I thought you were asleep. He looked over andsaid. I lied. We then began to caress each others cock in manydifferent ways. Seeing what pleased the other more. He got meoff, pretty quick but some how I was still horny and was able tokeep going(this was my first time going more than once).

We did this for probably a couple of hours. We booth got offtwice and when we finally went back to sleep our cocks were stilltingling. This is only the first of many great masturbationexperience that I have had with Mat. I and I will share them withyou some other time. For now happy jacking.



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