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Bringing My Boyfriend To The Nudist Resort

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My first high school boyfriend wasn't a nudist. This is a story about me converting him

I'd been dating Kyle for a couple months before summer vacation. Not wanting to leave my boyfriend to be with my family at the nudist resort, we decided to ask Kyle to come alone with us. He had to lie to his parents about where we were going, but they allowed him. I was a happy girl that summer :) Kyle was nervous, but excited. When I'd told him about my family being nudist he asked me lots of questions about it. He was obviously interested, so I knew he'd jump at the chance to join us. He probably thought it was like an all day orgy, but I was just happy he didn't think I was a weirdo. The day came around, and Kyle joined my family and I as we made the trip out to the resort. We arrived and were brought to our rooms (we had to get a few because my family is very big). I could tell Kyle was getting more nervous. It suddenly sunk in with him that he was going to be naked for a whole month! But he was a good boyfriend, and he stayed in good spirits. We got to our room which we were sharing with my sisters Erin and Lizzie. Me and the sisters didn't waste any time, and immediately got nude. Kyle took a little longer, but he quickly realized it'd be more weird if he wasn't naked and got undressed. It was the first time I'd seen Kyle naked, and I was impressed! His dick was long and thick, and he had a trimmed tuft of pubic hair above it. Kyle was very athletic and sexy. Now that we were all nude, I decided to give Kyle the grand tour. My sisters went with the rest of my family to the pool. I took Kyle around the resort. It didn't take long before Kyle had a boner. I noticed it and giggled. He blushed. He knew nudists weren't supposed to get erections but he couldn't help it. I told him it would probably go down, and we kept with the tour. But it didn't go down. He stayed as hard as possible as we walked around the resort, and I realized it wasn't just going to go away. So I took his hand and led him back to the room. Before this, Kyle and I had done very little sexually. We'd made out, but not much else. I wasn't ready to go too much further, but I could see a chance to bring us closer while also making it a little easier for him to walk around the resort. We made it back to the room and I shut the door. I sat Kyle down on the bed, then leaned up to him and kissed him. As I kissed him, I wrapped my fingers around his very hard cock. Oh my, it was so hard and thick. I knelt in front of him and began stroking. He leaned back, enjoying himself. I kept pumping, jacking his stiff dick until he quickly sat forward. "I'm gonna cum" he yelled. I aimed his dick at my chest. I felt his cock spasm in my hand, heard him grunt, and watched as a thick stream of hot jizz shot onto my tits. It was sexy :) Kyle thanked me for the release, then offered to help clean me up. We went into the shower. Kyle lathered me up, rubbing his hands all over my body, massaging my tits, grabbing my butt, then slipping his hand between my legs. Kyle wasn't an expert, but his fingers explored my wet and wanting pussy until he found the right patterns to make me squeal. Once he got his rhythm, Kyle kept at it until finally I came. I caught my breath, then we finished cleaning up. We eventually found our way to the pool and found my family. Of course, by that point, Kyle was hard again. Hey, he was a teenager!



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