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Boyfriend Makes Me Show Everyone

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This follows on from my previous story of how my boyfriend Jamie and I got together.


At this time I was 24 and my boyfriend Jamie was 22. He had just moved in with me at the student house where I had lived for about a year. I was and still am very small and thin in build---weighing under 8 stone at about 110 pounds and 5'6" tall---with a totally shaved and waxed body, cropped blonde hair and I looked more like 12 than 24. Jamie was a gorgeous, stocky lad, blonde with a stunning face and a big, fat cock.

Jamie and I shared my single bed and our favourite thing was to wank each other off when we woke every morning letting both our loads pour over my smooth body before showering together. Every evening when I got home from college I would wank myself off while Jamie watched then I would give Jamie's thick uncut cock a good wank and suck and sometimes he would fuck me. In bed each night we would have more passionate sex.

This was all great and we both enjoyed it but I think after about the first month of this routine Jamie was getting bored because when an opportunity arose to bring in some new aspects to our sex life Jamie jumped at the chance.

Our housemates all knew about us and were cool with it and one of the neighbours who I was friendly with, a 17 year old called Mark, quickly worked out that we were a couple even though he hadn't realised before that I was gay. He was cool about it too, he just asked if we were gay and I said yes while Jamie said he was bi. Mark was interested in what we did together and we told him honestly about our sex life. He seemed turned on right from the start and he started to regularly talk about sex and masturbation with us. He told his friends in the neighbourhood about and when we saw him with his mates they would all ask us questions in a cheeky but not unpleasant way.

One evening after it had gone dark we were having a conversation with Mark, 5 of his younger mates and 3 girls in the local playground. It got quite naughty as they asked questions and we answered honestly. Jamie was being quite bold, he told them how he was always in total control in our relationship and that he was the one who always did the fucking while I was always the one who did the sucking. He also told them how he loved to get me to wank off while he watched. The girls and Mark then said for him to get me to wank myself off right there in front of them all. Jamie said ok and said for me to strip off. I was quite shocked at how the situation had developed but I was turned on and wanted to please Jamie so I quickly agreed and started to get undressed as they all watched in amazement.


When I was naked I stood for a moment in the cold night air shivering a little, my cock still flaccid and small probably due to nerves and cold. The others were giggling and commenting on how I was totally hairless and looked like a little boy. Jamie told them how he liked me to shave and wax my body. Mark said my cock looked really small too but Jamie assured him it grew to a good length. "Lets see it then," said one of the girls, so Jamie told me to get to it and I began to stroke myself. My hairless balls were shrunk right up to my body and my cock was not responding very quickly but as they watched me and made comments, the feeling of mild humiliation and powerlessness turned me on and my cock began to grow harder. Soon I was up to full size and one of the girls said it was big. Mark said his was definitely bigger than mine as did Chris who was only 20 at the time and so the girls said for them to prove it. With little hesitation Mark undid his trousers and revealed his big, thick, upward curving hard on, large balls and forest of pubic hair. He began to stroke his cock which did look as big as Jamie's, as the girls and younger lads all giggled and cheered him on. Chris then followed suit and amazingly his dick looked noticeably longer and just as thick. I was now so turned on that I felt my cum rushing up from my tight balls and I groaned that I was going to cum.


They all watched and encouraged me as I whacked my meat over the brink before holding still as my load shot out in 7 or 8 huge jets in front of me. As they all cheered and laughed excitedly Jamie smiled and winked at me proudly. He then turned to Mark and asked if he would like me to give him a hand. He said no but the others all said for him to let me do it so he said he would if Chris let me do him first. Chris said ok and Jamie told me to get on my knees and show them what I could do. I sank to my knees on the hard floor and proceeded to stroke Chris's big cock. I couldn't believe my luck as Chris had looks to die for and a cock to match. He looked down at me with his dark brown eyes and smiled a beautiful smile that made his jaw dropingly handsome face light up. As I worked on his large tool he made cute moaning sounds and he lifted off his shirt revealing his dark tanned skin, large dark nipples and well toned chest and six pack. Mark stepped closer to me and presented me the chance to wank him with my other hand. His foreskin was looser and didn't cover his cock head as much as Chris's, Jamie's or mine and his glans were totally revealed with each stroke. They were both leaking pre-cum and Chris in particular was producing a lot, just like I did (one thing that Jamie lacks as he is very dry until just before he cums) so it made a wonderful sight as and their pre-cum covered glans glistened reflecting the street lights bright yellow glow.


I then took Chris's cock into my mouth tasting his juice and beginning to work on his head and shaft with my expert tongue and lips. He gasped and shivered as I took his dick in each time and then he started holding my head and pushing his hips towards me as he said "suck my big dick boy" bringing laughter and squeals of excitement from our audience. He then began to breathe heavily and told me he was going to cum. One of the girls said for him to shoot in my face and I helped him by pulling his cock out and jerking it as I nuzzled the tip with my lips until he moaned and let rip powerful streams of hot spunk all over my face, into my open mouth and down my neck and chest. We got a round of applause as I sucked him clean and then Mark thrust his cock nearer my face enticing me to let go of Chris's and take Mak's into my hungry cum filled mouth. I worked on his hard cock and he was soon grunting that he was cumming. I pulled his cock free just as his cum began to pour out just as plentifully as Chris's though far less powerfully. His spunk poured over my lips and chin and dripped down into my lap. Just then another 20 year old lad Craig quickly stepped up, undid his trousers and started wanking his cock as he groaned and let fly a big dollop of cum into my hair followed by a few smaller spurts which splashed down my shoulder and chest. Jamie offered Craig's 18 year old brother Ryan the chance to have his cock seen to but he said he couldn't spunk yet and seemed a bit shy so Jamie turned to the last boy in the group Jake who was only 17, he told him he thought he was a bit young to get too involved yet but that he and Ross shouldn't feel shy if they wanted to have a wank. He then pulled out his cock and told me to get him off quick as he was busting to cum. I jerked his cock in front of my face and licked the head as he closed his eyes and ran his hands through my now slightly spunky hair. He was soon spewing his thick cream into my mouth and down my throat as Ross and Jake played with their small but hard dicks watching us. It was the best ever experience and the first of many more.



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