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Bikini Friends

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My best friend in early high school was a girl named Alicia. At the time of this story, I was 14 and she was 13. Despite her being a year younger than I was, she was much more street smart and mature, body wise. Her breasts were a B cup and mine were only an A cup, and she was just as tall as me. We both had brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin. We were average in weight - not too skinny or plump.

Aliciaís family had a large backyard and pool, which I used for many days in summer. We both had no siblings, so we were very close with each other. We swam in Aliciaís pool for hours on end. She wore a hot pink bikini and I wore a light blue one. They were probably a bit too revealing for our age, but our parents didnít mind us were them.

After spending time in the pool, we would lie on the nearby deck chairs to dry off and tan. We chatted and read teen magazines. One particular day, I was hornier than usual and came across some pictures of a celebrity I liked in boardshorts. My mind began to imagine what he looked like underneath those shorts. For some strange reason, I dropped the magazine and put my right hand into my bikini bottoms. 

I had put my hand inside the soft briefs for only a second when Alicia looked over and saw what I was doing. I glanced at her, expecting a look of disgust on her face. Instead, she grinned and put both her hands down her pink bikini bottoms, moving them vigorously! Aliciaís parents were out and the fence surrounding the backyard was quite tall, so we didnít worry about whether people could see us. Even if they did, we didnít mind giving them a show!

I rubbed the outside of my vagina and occasionally stuck a finger or two inside with my right hand. I used my left hand to play with my nipples, which were hard. I pinched them through the bikini fabric. Alicia was just using both her hands to masturbate her vagina, and it looked like she was having a great time! Her body squirmed on her deck chair, and occasionally her hips moved upwards.

We both were coming close to an orgasm, and came at about the same time. As I looked at Aliciaís cute, squirming body, I felt a small amount of liquid flow out of my vagina and landing on the lining of my bikini bottoms. Alicia had a similar reaction, though I noticed a much larger wet patch on her bikini than mine. Alicia then surprised me by standing up and dropping her bikini bottoms to the ground, giving me a view of her soaked bottoms and a small pussy with just a small amount of brown pubic hair.

I figured if she was brave enough to drop her bottoms, I would do the same. I stood up, slowly pulling down my bikini bottoms to reveal my own small pussy with slightly more pubic hair. We both laughed nervously at our experience. I thought, well, might as well remove my top - and I did so. Alicia quickly followed suit so I could see her naked body in full glory. We both jumped back in the pool, splashing each other. Our bikinis, which we had just cummed in, remained near the deck chairs.



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