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Bi With My Girlfriend

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Just to start out, I like women more, but at the same time, I have also liked to play around with guys. My girlfriend has known this, but until a little while back has never said anything about it. When she brought it up, she said that for a while she has been wondering what it would be like for her to watch me with another guy and would like to see it. I told her I would do it and she said there was a guy around my age at work she was friends with that was gay and that she would see if he would go along with it.

A couple days later, she came home with a smile and said he was up for it. I admit I was a little excited when I found out we would be doing it that Friday night. When the night came we first went out for drinks then went back to her apartment and got comfortable. I was showing equal attention to both of them, and when the moment came our clothes started coming off. I asked her what she wanted to see, and she said she wanted me to give him a hand job.

He sat down in the chair and I knelt down in front of him while she sat on the couch, slowly rubbing herself. I looked him up and down and grabbed his cock, a nice looking 6" piece that stood up as straight and hard as a log. It was soft and burning hot, and when I started stroking him I looked over and saw her smiling as she was rubbing her clit. I pumped him slow at first, pulling his cock down between his legs and stretching it, then speeding up and using my other hand on his loose balls. He was squeezing the couch cushions and breathing heavy, and I could hear my girlfriend moaning and the squishing of her wet pussy. The whole time my cock was hard as can be, and I could feel my pre-cum leaking out and dripping down. I wanted to cum so bad, but I had to stay focused on what was in front of me.

I guess he saw my erection and noticed how horny I was, because he took his foot and started rubbing my cock with it. I sped up and kept pumping his cock while his foot caressed mine until he said he was going to cum. When he said that, my girlfriend told me to swallow it. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and stroked deep down, and then he exploded, filling my mouth with his hot sperm. When he came his toes clinched on my cock, and the feeling of him cumming in my mouth made me cum as well, shooting it all over the carpet and the front of the chair. I milked out every drop of his seed and swallowed it, and when I showed her my mouth was empty, she shuddered and came hard, falling onto her side and shaking with her hand glued between her legs.

I crawled over and climbed on top of her, held her tight and started kissing her with my cock leaking the rest of my cum all over her leg. Even though I just came I was starting to get hard again pretty fast, and when I did she got on top and started riding against me. Her friend wanted to repay me, so while we were humping, he reached down and started squeezing and rubbing my balls, and eventually moved a finger into my ass.

The feelings were incredible, and I came again quickly on her stomach, with what was left in my balls. Not only that, when she got off of me, he leaned down and licked my cock clean. That was the end of our sex play for that night, but a few Fridays after that we did it again, and eventually did things I never thought I would do. I can't go into descriptions here, but I will say we always ended up in a sweaty, sticky mess with smiles on our faces.



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