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Best Friends

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This is a true account of years ago ...


When I was in my mid to late 20's , I worked in management for a large discount department store in central Ohio.

While there, one of my older female employees (Betty) and I became good friend and we visited each other socially, BUT only as friends.

Betty's 18 year old son and her just were not getting along well at all. But Ed and I appeared to have a fairly good rapport and he even went on vacation with me when I did my tour of the South.

When we came back, ED just more or less was living at my home. I did not mind as I had plenty of money, so it was no imposition.

Then he asked if he could just move in and live there and I said ok, IF his mother didn't mind.

Well, after about two weeks or so ... I was sleeping, when I felt the other side of my bed go down and someone get into bed with me. I was taken by surprise, and just lay there waiting to see what was going to happen.

I knew it could only be Ed as he was the only other person in the house as he snuggled up real close and put an arm over my waist.

Oh it didn't stop there. The hand traveled down over the front of my briefs and I could feel his gentle caress through the cotton cloth as he played with my now erect dick.

I felt his hand go inside the waistband and he gently gripped my raging hard on ... and began to stroke it. I could not take much more, so I said. 'This feels good' and he about jumped out of his skin thinking I was pissed.

He said that he was just playing around and liked to jack off but was wondering what it felt like to do it to another guy and his horniness got the better of him. WTF .. I raised up and told him to help me get these damm briefs off and then had him raise up and take off his.

We positioned ourselves and from there it was grip a dick and stroke ... it was awesome feeling another guy's hand jacking me off and it was thrilling to be jacking another guy off as well.

At last I came with a fury that I did not know I could as this was my most intense orgasm ever .. and that made Ed go over the edge as well as he convulsed and thrashed about as he shot his load after load and then collapsed.

From them on we slept in the same bed every night and gave each other a 'Helping Hand'. Then we'd get up and shower together and help each other agin before going back to bed.

As you might imagine, it progressed further and lasted for over 30 years before he died of a heart attack; But during those years we were best friends.



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