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Awesome night with teammate

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My name is Jamal but I'm actually white with brown hair, this happened a few years ago, one night after a basketball game.


My friend Audrius and I were the two starting guards on our rep team, to give a quick overview, I was 5'8", short brown hair, uncircumcised five inch hard dick, at the time, with shaved pubes and nice sized ball sack. Audrius was blonde and the same height as me but he was pretty shy off the court. After our game he came to my place for a sleepover for fun and my parents said they would be out until early the next morning and I already had a plan in mind.

We were watching an NBA game on TV when a sexy cheerleader came on and I said "I would totally fuck her if I had the chance". He surprisingly made a remark like "but your dick is too small for her" and I said "I bet it's bigger than yours" and he said "yeah right" and we left it at that.

Later when it was time to shower I let him go first and he used my room quickly to get into only his towel and bring his stuff into the bathroom. While he walked past me I saw a slight bulge in his towel right where it was covering his dick and got really eager to see it. After he went in I smelt his boxers and they made me really horny.

About three minutes into his shower I snuck in to the bathroom, which has no lock on it and quickly stripped. I pulled back the curtain and his back was towards me and he was like "what the hell man!" Trying to cover up. I said "let's see that dick that's so big now huh?". His face remained red and he persisted but I started saying "come on, I showed you mine, it's only fair". I hopped in behind him, closed the curtain and squeezed up behind him pressing my semi onto his cute little butt cheek. He finally turned and I caught my first glimpse of the cutest body I had ever seen, neither of us were skinny or fat, just right and he was absolutely perfect.

His dick was the same size as mine, but he had a longer foreskin and his skin was very pale (which I find really cute). He had some pubes that weren't very long and they were very blonde almost yellowish and he had good sized balls pulled up tight to his gorgeous body. I reached down and grabbed his dick and started making him hard and he did the same to me, not that I wasn't already hard. I quickly suggested that we shower and wash each other first and then go have some fun. He declined finishing the shower and we just got out right there and then.

We dried our feet so we wouldn't drip too much and brought two towels to put on my bed. I told him to lay down first and I plumped on top of him and started kissing him and he returned the favour which was awesome. We grabbed each other again and started jacking and then we just started exploring each other's bodies with our hands and started humping on the bed, still soaked from the shower. He started cumming first which instantly set me off, he only came a bit but I had saved up for a few days hoping this would happen. When I came it was four spurts of ecstasy, the most amazing orgasm ever, we both let out moans when it happened.

We both started licking the cum off each other and after that we just lay there kissing in an embrace filled with our boy-juice. We were panting for a while and then we were both ready for more, so we positioned ourselves in the 69 position and grabbed each other once more. We both used the remaining cum as lube and started going at it. I started to kiss his pubes and lick them but I didn't get my mouth too close to his dick, I was saving something for later. I started playing with his foreskin and he the same to me, whatever one of us did, the other mimicked. It wasn't long before we were exploding again but this time into each others faces and hair, we turned back around and kept kissing. I started rubbing my cum into his medium length blonde hair and he the same to me, it was such a lustful feeling.

After a few more minutes of kissing we saw that it was 11:30 and we should probably shower, so we hopped back in together cleaning each other off completely, that's where we quickly went down on each other. We skedaddled into the bedroom naked together and I locked the door so my parents wouldn't discover us when they got home, I always do it, so they wouldn't suspect anything. We hopped into the same bed instead of him sleeping on the floor and he said "thanks" and I said "goodnight" and grabbed his dick and we fell asleep in each others embrace.

The next morning with my parents being home we couldn't do anything, but he left with a big smile anyway... The next week though was another story... I gotta go jerk off.



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