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At The Lake

Posted by: Age: 23 (17 then) Posted on: 2 comments
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This story is about my GF at the time and I at the local lake. We decided to go there during the day and "hangout", if you know what i mean.


This story takes place in December of 2009. It was pretty mild for December, but cold enough where you needed a jacket. Well it started off where I went over to my girlfriends house to pick her up to go to a student council thing. On out way there we got a call saying it was cancelled. When we found that out, we thought of something else to do. We happened to be close to a small lake in the east side of town. So, we ended up parking at the south end parking lot. There were people near us that were ice fishing, so they were occupied. But, my GF and I had other ideas.

After we parked, we talked for a little bit and decided to move things to the back seat. We started things off by making out and that kind of stuff, but we wanted things to be more spontaneous. I was getting nervous because it was the first GF that I have ever done anything with. But I was up for anything. It started off by her taking her shirt off and I followed. Then we made out some more where I was on top. It was easier this way because she was a bit taller than I was and I don't weigh a whole lot. Anyway, we continued to make out and continued with the spontaneous stuff. She decided to take her bra off to reveal her DD boobs. I was in heaven. It was the first time I had ever see boobs before. I couldn't keep my eyes off of them. Again, we continued making out. A few minutes later, she decided to take her jeans off because she said she had a surprise for me. I was like, OK! When she removed her jeans, she was wearing a black thong with polka dots and a pink bow on them. Again, I was in heaven. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She parted the thong to the side to reveal her pussy. It was amazing. It was also my first time seeing one. Before that, I had only felt one with my hands from fingering her. So you can imagine my excitement. She let me play with her clit and pussy for about 15 minutes, letting me finger her and find her G-Spot. I think I was doing something right when she moaned and screamed a few times.

After that, we went back to making out, this time, she was down to nothing. Shirt, bra, pants and thong off. I was down to my boxers at this point. She then told me it was her turn to do stuff to me. I was anxious to find out what she was going to do. She started off by having me take my boxers off. I was hard during the whole thing so it was easy for her to do what she wanted. She started off by jacking me off slowing. She was letting me finger her at the same time. It was amazing. I was laying my head back and letting her go at me. I was loving every minute of this. Just in case I was going to cum, I brought some TP to catch any mess that would come of this.

She then proceeded to give me a BJ. Again, I couldn't believe what she was doing, but I didn't care. I was loving it. She also was caressing my balls at the same time. It was great. Still, I'm fingering her at the same time and she is so wet during the whole thing. It was really steaming up in the car. Since it was cold out and hot in the car, I was wondering what the people outside were thinking. But besides that, I was having a great time.

After she was giving me a BJ, she resumed to jacking me off. I told her I was getting close to cumming and we had the tissues at the ready. She began to slow down to let me enjoy every second of this. At the same time, she is letting me squeeze her boobs and pinch her nipples. Next thing you know, I was cumming and having an awesome orgasm. I think I may have pinched her nipple a little too much because she screamed a bit when I did. After we cleaned me up, it was my turn for me to finger her orgasm. She layed down in the back seat and I went at her pussy.

I started off playing with her clit and fingering her to find her G-Spot. It didn't take long for be to find it since she was already horny. I decided to use the two finger method. I figured it would have a better chance of stimulating her G-Spot, and it did. After about 10 minutes, she was shaking and bucking her hips at me. Then boom, she released and squirted all over my hand and was squeezing down on my fingers. I was amazed knowing that it was my first time doing that to a girl. After all this was over, we both cleaned each other up and decided to head back to her house to hang out some more. I will never forget that time we did that. It was the last time I did anything like that in public. I was wondering if someone was going to catch us. The next time we did that stuff, we did it while her parents were out of town. But, that's for another story. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it.



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