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At the College

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Something unintended that I need to get off my chest.


True Story

I started masturbating just before I entered college, and have been coming to Solo Touch ever since, or about two years. Even though I'm in college, I have no access to a car, and must make do with the schedules of people who do. So, I often find myself waiting for hours with nothing to do but study. Sometimes, as young men are apt to do, I get sexual urges that need attention under pain of a public hard-on, which is annoying and awkward. I'm still a virgin, but this is how I like it. If there are two things that get you stuck in a life you don't want, they're having sex and having debt.

So the other day, I was having an arousing day. A woman in my class has enormous breasts on a rather attractive, fit figure, which were barely contained in the low-cut tee she was wearing. Her tits bounced ridiculously and fully as she walked, with no sagging. My mind was naturally beginning to wander to what her and I would do together, and by the time I walked out of there, I was starting to worry about the precum soaking through my thick jean shorts.

I found myself out of class with no hope for a ride, so I walked out to the deserted sports field (it was summer), so hot I assumed that no one would bother me. Normally I find a quiet, out of the way bathroom stall and quickly masturbate into toilet paper and go about my business. But today I was feeling daring. I stuck my dick out of slit in my boxers, and undid the zipper of my shorts to let the gentle breeze arouse me some. I was hard as a rock, with my manhood barely concealed in the jeans. I walked off the trail, and found a retention pond far off the regular track, and next to one I had never seen anyone on before. It had a declining bank, so my entire lower half would be hidden to anybody more than 50 feet away.

Thinking it safe, I decided to be a little bit daring and allowed my cock to fall out of the jeans, and began to rub it, already soaking in precum. No more than a minute into it, after I let my guard down, I heard rapid footsteps. Opening my eyes, I saw a woman jogger headed my way on this out of the way track. She wasn't unattractive. I was shocked, and threw up my zipper, almost catching my penis in it. I swiftly turned around and began to stare intently until she passed. I cannot say if she saw my dick, as the bank might have concealed it. All I know is that it was the most terrifying and thrilling thing. I had never let anybody see my penis, save my doctor. I have no wish to do it again, but as I checked to make sure the coast was clear, I moved deeper into the vegetation surrounding the bank and masturbated to a swift and powerful orgasm, my cum falling there on the ground as I thought about her seeing my hand travelling up and down my swollen member. I wonder if she went and masturbated if she did see it. I hope she did, and I hope it was good.

If you read this, jogging lady, I hope I didn't scare you, and hope we meet again sometime.



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