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Artistic Lady Neighbour (4)

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My widowed neighbour had progressed to jacking me off. Now I was anxious to do something for her rather than just watch as she pleasured herself.


About 10:00pm I noticed her lights were still on, so I rang her and invited myself for tea. She reluctantly agreed to me coming over. She met me at the door, apologized for her coolness, then gave me a long comfortable hug.

We chatted for a few minutes as she made the tea which we would never drink. Although it was late we knew something would happen. I hugged her, our lips met, a lingering kiss. I said that I would like to masturbate with her. She said that she was just about to take a bath and go to bed. I asked if we could bathe together, and she suggested a shower as her tub was small.

Once in the bathroom Ingrid turned on the shower, then quickly removed her blouse, skirt, and slip. She turned to me and undid my jeans while I was pulling my sweater over my head. She turned her back to me and asked me to undo her bra. I did so, and reached round her to cup her large breasts now freed. Just as I had seen her do, I brushed my thumbs upward over the nipples, leaving them instantly erect and firm.

She removed her panties, turned round and pulled off my boxers. My hand moved down to my shaft and I slowly pulled my foreskin back, revealing my dark red cock head. By now I was already hardening.

Taking my hand she led me into the large shower stall. She started to scrub my back with a loofah, then asked if I liked it and I said 'Yes, it's very erotic.' She pressed her breasts and belly against my back then reached under my bottom between my legs and started to soap up my ball-sack and then my stiff penis. She was avidly stroking me, the base held quite tightly. All it took was about ninety seconds of her 'washing' to make my accumulated cum fly forth.

I turned round and Ingrid kissed me passionately. I began with gentle kisses to the side of her face and neck, my hands touching her shoulders, then her back. I began to soap her up, caressing her lower back, her buttocks, her anus. Hearing her sigh, I progressed forward to her vulva, then her trimmed bush. Her eyes were closed. She moaned, and her head tilted back, as she arched her back, jutting her bottom toward me.

She spread her thighs apart, and I could feel her swollen vulva. Her hips began thrusting, and I took this as permission to touch her most-private sanctuary. With my longest finger I probed her labia and began to stroke her. This surrender of her privacy, finally on our fourth encounter, enticed me to strive hard to pleasure her.

She pulled away, turned, and whispered in my ear, 'Please suck my nipples!.' This I did whilst I massaged her clitoris from the front as we clung to one another. Her hands grasped my buttocks, pulling me closer to her. She had multiple orgasms over the next ten minutes without touching my stiffening cock. When she climaxed for the last time she turned off the shower.

We dried ourselves in silence, helping each other with the drying of back, buttocks, and bum crack. She turned out the light, then led me to her guest room bed once again. We crawled in and she curled up against my back.

Then she reached between my legs, cupping my testicles in her hand while her fingers tightly grasped the base of my shaft. The hand of the other arm reached over my body and began to stroke my throbbing erection in a most delicious manner, brushing the corona and sensitive frenulum, so that I too could experience the relief of a second climax and its accompanying physical collapse. Within minutes a second ejaculation issued forth from my manhood. We drifted into a deep sleep.

I awoke hours later to the sensation of my 'morning wood' being handled. Ingrid was addressing the business of doing me a third time. Now a morning glory is an erection of a different sort, the mechanism and drive are different than a desirous, erotic erection, and a different manner is required to 'break it down'. Well she obviously had some experience in this matter, as within minutes I was telling her that I was REALLY aroused! I described to her how good I felt. She replied that she found it exciting to masturbate me, and asked me to roll over, to face her.

I was pumping away quite quickly now, thrusting into her fist. She ensured my glans was rubbing through her fingers, stimulating the many thousands of surface nerves in the head of my penis. Suddenly I squirted cum onto her thigh. I groaned involuntarily. I thanked her, then rushed urgently to the loo to urinate a great quantity through my still semi-stiff prick.

When I returned, intending to service her, I found her sound asleep once again.



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