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Another Rub

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I enjoy revealing my masturbation. I turns me on to talk about the fact that I masturbate. I know most guys masturbate. I know because I live in a male body! But there is something about revealing my most intimate act that I kept hidden or tried to keep hidden. Enjoy, I do.


I came home later than usual last night. My wife had not been feeling well as of late and was sleeping. I had not ejaculated since last Tuesday and it was Wednesday evening and I was horny. For the past few nights I had told my wife I was going to masturbate but fell asleep instead and slept through the night.
She has not been feeling well ever since she hurt her back about a month ago and we have not been having sex. Sometimes I think back to when I was in puberty and masturbating all the time. I would think that when I got older I would get a woman and would not have to masturbate anymore. I did not think that I would still be masturbating as I got older. I guess once a masturbator always a masturbator. That was reinforced by an article on masturbation I read in Psychology today. If one masturbates as an adolescent then one will continue to masturbate throughout their adult life. They got that one right when it comes to me. I consider myself normal with a good sex drive.

She slept through the night so at about 11 pm I crawled into bed next to her and started to play with myself underneath my sweats. After a long day at work there is nothing like getting erect and having a great big explosion of semen! The release feels fantastic! It feels so good and so right!
I did not want to wake her so I went slow, got erect fairly quick, and stroked to get the feel of my cock in my hand. I enjoy the hard feeling of my cock, I like to hold it erect, it feels so good when I play with it. I knead up and down the underside with my thumb, trying to imitate her tongue going up and down my cock when she is giving me oral. But it has been too long and I need to cum!

So off go my sweats and I am now ready for the main event. I put one of my pillow's in between myself and my wife trying not to wake her. I found that old familiar erection with my left hand, tightened my grip to the right pressure and started to stroke. After about a minute of almost getting there I brought in the right hand. My cock is as big as my two fists and are on top of each other, I can hold myself that way and see the top of my erection just sticking out. I always got positive comments from previous lovers before I married and my wife after we met about my equipment. It's always been there begging for attention, whether from me or my lover!

I exploded all over the shirt that I was wearing. Last week I missed my body and had to clean the bed sheets, tonight I did not miss. I wanted to cry out when I orgasmed as I do when she watches but it would wake her, so only a whimper at the time of release! I felt the bed moving gently rocking up and down when I was stroking and it shook a bit when I ejaculated but she slept right through!
It always feels good to ejaculate, I am still horny today so I'll masturbate again tonight. I have this feeling that I'll be masturbating more than my usual one or two times a week because we are not having sex. Sometimes it is four or five times a week or more just like when I was single when we go without sex for a while.



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