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Anal Douche Masturbation

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Reliving an anal fetish and fantasy from my teenage years.


In my teenage years, I used to sneak around the house looking for the little red enema bulb with a black nozzle. When I felt safe that I had the time and privacy, I would smear Vaseline on me and stick the nozzle up my ass. Sometimes I would fill it with warm water and squirt that up me just to feel it going in; to feel warm and full inside. My penis would be erect and dripping precum from the excitement of this. I would do this as long as I could, to tease myself, and then I would jack off. As an adult, I've had a lot of fetish attachment to this memory.

My heart stopped when I was online and saw a picture of an adult version of this device called an anal douche. It too had a red bulb and a black nozzle, but it was SO MUCH BIGGER! I was squirming just looking at the picture and imagining that nozzle slowly sliding up my ass. I HAD TO HAVE ONE, and couldn't wait for it to arrive.

When it did come, I hid it away in a bottom drawer until I had time home alone. Then I took it out and re-enacted my teenage anal masturbation scene. I went into the bathroom, washed it carefully and set it on the vanity counter, with the nozzle pointing up, almost ominously. My anal cavity was craving for it already! I loved watching my preparations in the mirror and seeing my hard dick tenting out my undies. I stopped to rub my nipples and noticed the big wet spot where the tip of my penis was pushing against the white cotton fabric. I HAD TO SEE MY HARD DICK, BARE! Slowly I dragged the waistband down over the tip of my dick, so I could see it being pushed down and then springing up as it cleared the waistband. OMG, there it was, bare and hard, skin stretched tight, wetness puddling at the tip. I couldn't wait to feel my hand on it, the sensation in the sensitive spot under the tip. But first I needed to have this thing up me. I needed to tease myself. I needed to feel the fullness in me.

I smeared Vaseline thickly over the full length of the nozzle and used my middle finger to smear a big glob over my anal opening. Not wanting to take the time to fill the bulb with water, I bent over the vanity top and slowly guided the nozzle up my ass. The sensation of the slightly rough surface sliding through my anal opening was thrilling. I took it very slowly, savoring every millimeter, until finally I felt the tip pressing hard against my insides. Then I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror, from the front, the side, and the rear, to see what I looked like with a raging hard on and this thing up my ass. The sight of the red bulb pressing between my buns made my heart race even harder with the thrill of knowing that the long black part was actually up inside of me.

Now I wanted to feel the water squirting into me. But first I stimulated my dick just a little bit by rubbing the wetness from my tip all over the head and the sensitive spot. I was tempted to keep going but I stopped touching myself, filled the bulb with the hottest water that I thought I could tolerate and put the nozzle back on. This time, I set the device on the toilet lid with the nozzle sticking up and slowly lowered myself onto it. When it was all the way in, I pressed against it until my weight made some of the hot water shoot up into me. OHHHHH!!! I craved for more! I stood up and bent over the sink again, reached behind me and squeezed the bulb firmly. OH GOD, that sensation of hot and wet going into my ass!

I knew I was on a short fuse now. I was desperately craving to beat off and knew that I could hold the water in me only so long. I grabbed the Vaseline and smeared it on my penis and started stroking, savoring the whole scene reflected back at me in the mirror. The nozzle up me felt so good, my penis was so sensitive and ready for stroking, and it all looked so horny and sexy, that it didn't take long to come. AHHHHHHHHHH.... I stood for what seemed like a long time, letting the orgasm work its way out of me, letting my spinning head and my racing heartbeat recover. I felt like just collapsing on the bathroom rug, but there were things to take care of first.



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