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An Interesting Train Journey

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I found this story on my PC today that I posted here a few years ago under a different user name.  I had forgotten I posted it and it reminded me what a great expereince it was all those years ago when I was much younger.  I hope you enjoy it.


A few years ago I was on a train returning from a business meeting in another part of the country. It was one of those crappy little trains that slowly meanders across the country stopping at every station along the way.  There were only a handful of people on the train as most had got off earlier. It was getting late in the afternoon and I was really bored but was still a couple of hours away from home. My phone battery had died by that point, so I was left with no other entertainment but to stare out at the tedious flat countryside as the train rattled along.

I was sat in a double seat on my own facing the front of the train.  On the other side of the carriage was a bay of four seats facing each other with no table between them.  A lady sat by herself in one of these seats next to the window, facing the opposite way to me and there were only a couple of other people towards the front of the carriage.  I would guess this lady was in her mid forties and despite being a fair bit older than me she was pretty good looking with a great figure.  She was wearing what looked like a business suit with a jacket, white blouse, pin stripe skirt, black tights and high heel black shoes.  I was drawn to her legs which were very shapely and looked to be very well toned.

I had obviously been studying her legs a little too long because I was suddenly aware that she was looking at me.  My eyes met hers and I felt really embarrassed that I'd been caught staring.  I quickly looked out of the window past her as if to be very interested in something in the distance and tried to act casual.  After what seemed to me to be a reasonable time I broke my gaze from the fictitious landmark in the distance.  I breathed a sigh of relief as she was no longer looking at me and was now intently studying her phone.  Foolishly I decided to risk another quick look at those very lovely legs.  This time she clearly sensed me look over at her and she immediately caught my eye.  I was acutely embarrassed and felt myself turning bright red.  There was no way to disguise the fact I was just having a good look.  This time she smiled briefly and then looked back down at her phone again.  I concentrated my gaze out of my own window for a while for fear of embarrassing myself further but a few minutes later I noticed out of the corner my eye she seemed to fidget in her seat.  When I glanced over casually I noticed that she had slipped down in her seat a bit and put her foot nearest to me on the seat opposite to her.  This had exposed a bit more of her thigh and I could now see a fair amount of a very good looking leg.  Now, I have to admit that legs really get me going and at this point I was beginning to get turned on and could feel a bulge developing in my trousers.  I glanced across at her again and this time discovered she was looking straight at me and smiling.  I smiled back at her, slightly nervously, and couldn't help myself but to quickly glance down at her thigh again.  She didn't break eye contact with me and when I looked back up in her eyes again she was still smiling warmly.  She then turned nonchalantly away and looked out of her train window.  After a minute or so of me getting more turned on looking at her she yawned and stretched and slipped down a bit further in her seat to expose even more of her thigh and the lacy top of a hold-up stocking.  I also noticed as she stretched that she had a very substantial pair of breasts which looked very firm under that tight white blouse.  I was now rock hard and struggling to contain the bulge in my trousers.  As she continued to look out of the train window I put my hand down my trousers to adjust my cock and make it a little more comfortable.  Then I slowly stroked it through the material of my trousers as I looked longingly at her fully exposed leg and the tantalising top of her stocking.

It was at this point that I suddenly realised she could see me in the reflection in her window and was smiling intently as she watched me touching myself.  I found this incredibly exciting and also slightly embarrassing.  She then turned to look me straight in the eye, smiled broadly and very casually and sexily ran her hand down the side of her leg from her bent knee to the lacy stocking top, pushing her skirt up slightly higher as she did so.  To my surprise she then nodded at the bulge in my trousers and slowly made the internationally recognised hand gesture for wanking.  I really wasn’t sure if I had read the situation correctly and was a bit worried about what her reaction might be but I started to stroke myself purposefully through my trousers. She smiled approvingly, quickly looked round her seat up and down the train carriage then pulled her skirt up a bit more, put her other foot up on the seat in front as well and slid her right hand between her legs.  I couldn’t believe this was happening.

She nodded at my bulge again, more insistently this time and I realised she was suggesting I got my cock out.  At this point I was so turned on I don’t think I would have cared if we had an audience but I quickly checked that nobody was moving in the carriage then unzipped myself, pulled my cock out and started wanking it.  She watched closely and although I couldn’t see her hand as it was between her legs, I could see her wrist moving up and down which told me she was fingering her pussy.  I was pumping my cock vigorously and could feel that familiar feeling of my orgasm rising as we stared at each other.  With her left hand she then opened her jacket and began to knead her ample breasts.  Her skirt was now right up under her bottom and I could not only see the full extent of her stocking tops but also the top of her firm thigh and the side view of her lovely round bum cheek.  I could also just see the tips of her fingers occasionally come into view below her leg as she rubbed her pussy.  From my limited vantage point it looked like she was alternating between rubbing her clit with her whole hand and pushing her middle fingers into her pussy.  It was so hot.

After a few minutes I was nearly there and quickly grabbed a tissue out of my pocket to catch my cum so I didn’t get covered in it.  Then it happened.  My cock erupted into the tissue and a couple of spurts went up into the air as my hips jerked with a very powerful orgasm.  At the same time my companion was fingering herself hard and staring at my spurting cock.  As my orgasm died down she threw her head back and without making a sound she came hard, pushing both hands between her legs and clamping her thighs tight together.  She stayed like that for a couple of seconds as her stomach pulsed in and out then she relaxed with a sigh and her legs fell slightly open.

As her breathing slowed again she looked over at me and smiled broadly with a satisfied expression on her face.  She watched as I cleaned myself up with the remnants of the tissue and put my softening cock away again.  At this point I realised I had shot a string of cum right up the front of my shirt and over my tie.  As I only had the one tissue which was now soggy with cum I had no choice but to get up and go to the toilet to clean myself up.  In the toilet I quickly wet a paper towel and rubbed at the incriminating stain up the front of my shirt.  My silk tie was a ‘write off’ so I quickly removed it and pushed it in my pocket.  When I came back into the carriage the train was slowing.  My companion smiled sexily at me and winked.  I smiled back and sat down again as the train pulled up to a standstill in a small station and people in the carriage started to stir.  To my surprise my sexy companion suddenly picked up her phone and bag from the seat next to her, stood up, adjusted her skirt, smiled and winked again and got off the train.  She looked back briefly as she walked across the platform then disappeared out into the car park leaving me sitting there on my own with a wet patch up the front of my shirt and a look of disbelief at what had just happened.  We hadn’t even exchanged a single word.

She certainly dispelled the boredom for the rest of my journey home!  I would never have believed something like that would have happened to me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all the way home.  I have now got a new found interest in older women and train travel!  I wonder if she had ever done something like that before.  I certainly hadn’t but would love to do it again if the opportunity came up.



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