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Amy's Back!

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Who says jet lag makes you feel shit? I got two reunions today. My lovely Amy came home, and my sister was the captain! Jayney lives abroad now, and she works for an airline which means she has to be careful what she says. I'll say no more, but I got,to hug my lover and my sister! 


As soon as Amy cleared immigration, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the nearest toilet. We both went into the same cubicle, not caring who saw us. 

We kissed passionately, and had our hands in each other's knickers like two young schoolgirls getting each other off in the break. 

She came so violently, as did I! I've missed her more than words can say. After I'd cum, she knelt down and buried her face between my legs and licked me so gently, it was more like an uttered prayer than sex. When I came the second time, it felt more like a bestowed blessing. 

Of course, I needed to taste her again. As I moved towards her, she stopped me and just looked into my eyes for a second. It was a pained little look, and I didn't understand it. I can normally read Amy like a book, but this felt...strange. 

I couldn't even wait to tie her knickers off, I just pulled them aside and pushed my tongue between her moist folds. Ohhhh. Her taste! I'd know it anywhere. Amy!......yes.....Amy, and the unmistakable taste of sperm! It didn't stop me though. I worshipped at the altar of her clitoris until I felt the grip on the back of my head tighten as her orgasm hit.

The drive home was punctuated by two stops in laybyes while we attacked each other like young lovers. 

But it was in her bedroom, with the silk throws and scented candles that the tears started. We had made love. Soft, gentle, sweet, love when Amy told me that there were two things on her mind. The upgrade to First class, my sister had arranged and where overnight, another passenger had fucked her gently from behind while a cabin attendant watched was not a surprise. Her bucket list had included to sample as much cock in as many ways as she could. 

The bombshell came when she told me she had fallen in love with a guy in Cairns. Amy is one of those people who has a lot,of,love to,give, and one person can't contain it all. So, Amy met Steve, and they spent the whole two months together. Two months of sun, sea, sex.......and two missed periods. 

A pregnancy test bought the next morning confirmed it. Amy is pregnant. I always thought it would be me. We even had a plan. She would,fuck someone, and then we would transfer the sperm to me in an act of love making. But now, it seems, she is pregnant. That isn't the problem. The problem is the long, misty-eyed looks. The long emails. The telephone calls early in the morning while the world sleeps.

Amy is in love. She, and her baby need Steve. 

So, it was with a heavy heart that this morning, we made love for the last time, and I told her that I loved her enough to let her go. Bless her, she tried so hard to conceal the leap of joy in her eyes....those expressive eyes that anyone can read.....there were tears...oh...so many tears.......but then, there is another life to consider here. A baby who needs his or her dad.

I've loved Amy, oh, so deeply. More deeply than words can say.

But more importantly by far....

She has loved me, and for that, I am richer.



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