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Always Have Liked Being Watched

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The tried and true game of Truth or Dare introduced my penis to the hotness of being watched by a bunch of giggling girls...


When I was just hitting my teen years, I spent a lot of time  at my grandparents' house in the summer. I didn't see much of them because they worked, but I spent a lot of time with my aunt, Joan, who was two years or so older than me. Just to get it out of the way and in the open (why else hang around this site?), Joan is the first girl I ever saw naked, resulting in some of my earliest erections... with which she was always fascinated.

On this particular day, I was hanging out moslty by myself while Joan and a couple of her neighborhood friends were busy in her room, doing teenage girl things. Every once in a while I'd hear a peal of laughter and giggles coming from the room, followed by shushing and a whole lot of whispering. After a bit, Joan called to see what I was up to. When the answer was "not much" she told me to come on into her room.

In the room, Joan was flopped on her bed, wearing shorts and a tank top. She was a little on the plump side, all soft curves and growing breasts. Her friend Tracy, from two houses down, was a slim blonde with deep dimples and gorgeous blue eyes and was also on the bed wearing shorts and a tshirt. Lounging in a beanbag chair in the corner, Tracy's next door neighbor Deb was looking very comfortable in her own tank top and shorts... but holy crap do I remember her filling them out well (Deb was a little advancedin the development department).

So there I was, surrounded by girls, and even at the time I think I knew that there was something very predatory... almost pack-like... about the whole thing. Joan started things off by asking if I knew what they'd been talking about.

"No idea," I answered. "But it sounded like it was funny."

That got another round of giggles, so I figured things were pretty cool.

"A little. See, Deb and Tracy don't believe me on something. I told them that I've seen your cock hard as a rock, no matter how many times I swear."

Okay, so I was about 13 at the time, so it isn't like my dick took much more encouragement than that... of course I started getting hard.

"Um..." Still, I was about 13 and surrounded by crush-worthy teenage girls, and my aunt had just admitted to me that they all knew about something we'd done and sworn we'd never talk about. Those sort of family relations were frowned upon in our society, and I'd never told anyone.

"Aw, he's nervous," said Deb, leaning forward in the beanbag chair. "He's kinda cute." With her leaning like that, I got a good view down some nice cleavage... which I'm pretty sure now was the point.

Joan said, "Come on, just this once show them that I wasn't lying about your cock."

Tracy piped in. "Yeah, we wanna see it. Don't be a killjoy, Matt."

Deb came out of the chair, to kneel in front of me. "Here, I'll make it a little easier for you." She reached down and rolled her tank top up above her tits, reached behind to unhook her bra, and let her girls flow out in all of their gorgeous glory. Now, like I said, I've seen Joan naked before, and that always did the trick for me, but Deb was in a league all her own.

Seeing as Deb was willing to share, I came to the decision that it'd be rude not to go along. I unbuttoned my shorts, hooked my fingers into the wasteband of my underwear, and dropped 'em to the floor. My thirteen year old cock was standing straight up in the air and bouncing a little with my pulse. The giggles renewed with a fervor, but the tone seemed a little different. Tracy was staring directly at my dick, with just the start of pubic hair sprouting around the base, like she was checking out her next meal. Deb was watching it move with a sly little smirk on her face, glancing up at me every now and then to make eye contact before looking back down.

Joan looked very pleased with herself. "Okay, now show them what you showed me two weeks ago."

That changed things a little... in a game of Truth or Dare, Joan and I had stripped naked in front of each other and played with ourselves. I watched her get herself off with a pillow clasped tightly between her legs, and she watched me stroke myself to a cumshot that actually got a little distance if still low in volume.

"Come on," Joan urged. "Deb will let you keep looking at her boobs if it'll help."

"Yep," Deb confirmed. "Do you think it'll help?"

"I dare you," Tracy said, adding the last bit to the game.

Without further ado, I wrapped my hand around my stiff cock and started stroking. At the time, I didn't have any sense of "edging" or drawing it out. I just knew that when I stroked it, my dock felt great, and when I got to the finish, it felt amazing. Now, with those eyes on my cock, watching my hand going up and down and getting quicker and quicker, my orgasm didn't take very long at all. Hell, I probably came faster than it's taken me to type out this paragraph, and if I remember it right I managed to drop a spurt of cum right on one of Deb's pretty boobs (although I'm willing to admit that time and a growing sense of perversion might have embelished that last little bit for me).

With a round of applause, I was told to pull my drawers and reminded that loose lips sink ships, while closed mouths might get more fun in the future. I left the room, looking back for on last peek as they all piled on the bed in a whirl of giggles and excited whispering...



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