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After Dinner Surprise

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I was in Boston on company business, living in an apartment that the company had rented for me. I had noticed another guy my age around the building, clean cut and good looking, and, because I had never seen him with a woman, it occurred to me that he might be gay. On the other hand, he could be as straight as I was, just new in town and alone. Anyway, I didn't care one way or another.
On an especially cold, windy, and horny Sunday afternoon, I had gone to the grocery store and picked up some things, including a few frozen dinners, then stopped by an adult bookstore and picked up a European porno magazine having a very nude, very young, girl on the front and back covers. Onw way or another, I needed to have an orgasm, and jacking off to a porno magazine was the best thing that I had going.
When I went into the apartment's small elevator, with my arms completely loaded with bags, I saw that the other guy was there. As i maneuvered around him, I dropped two of the bags, spilling out frozen dinners and exposing part of my magazine cover. Well, I said, that shows you what kind of a day I am having, topping it off with a Swanson dinner. He laughed and replied, if you want something better than a frozen dinner you could come up and share a pretty good soup and crab salad with me - my name is Paul and I live in apartment 610. Uh oh, I thought, hesitating to answer, this guy is gay for sure, and I'm not - this is trouble and I shouldn't have any part of it. Then, I thought, what the hell, I can always leave if I'm uncomfortable. Besides, the very idea that something erotic might happen was curiously exciting to me, and I felt a stirring in my penis. Alright, I said, thank you, I will be there. Give me a half hour, he said.
I went into my apartment, put the groceries away, then took a quick shower, soaping and rubbing my penis until it stood stiffly erect, the usual sweet pleasure radiating out from my groin. I got out of the shower, dried off, and started to put on my underwear and pants, but then I stopped, thinking that I would leave the underwear off, which I did, pulling on my pants alone so that my still hard penis was plainly visible along my leg.
I knocked on Paul's door at the appointed time and he let me in, leading me to the dining area next to his living room. The lights were low, the table was set with silver and candles and a cold bottle of a very good California chardonnay wine. It was an excellent dinner. We drank all of the wine, talking about Boston, history, and art, then we had strawberries and cream for desert, after which I thought - now what. I was soon to learn.
Paul started by saying - I saw the magazine that you dropped in the elevator, the girl was cute, if you like that sort of thing I have some pretty good videos of different things, girls and boys, whatever you might like, if you would want to watch some. Not knowing what to expect, I said sure, I would like to watch sometning, but whatever he wanted. Well, he said, I have some good videos of young guys that I like to watch - would that be ok. I wasn't much interested in young guys, but that was what he had suggested and it was his place, so I agreed.
He put a cassete into the VCR and we sat on opposite ends of the couch, room between us, in the darkened room in front of the TV. Then the film started to run. When Paul had said 'young guys', he meant very young guys. The guys on the screen appeared to be eleven to thirteen years old maybe, some with no pubic hair and some with a little. All of them, however, would pose in various positions, usually on a bed, and then begin to play with themselves until their cocks were hard and erect, then after a short period of various kinds of hand and finger play around their balls, foreskins, and glanses, the next boy would appear. I was surprised to find that this was extremely arousing to me, my cock was hot, hard, and swollen against my pants, and I badly wanted to rub it through the cloth. At about this time, the format of the screenplay changed so that now two boys began to appear, playing not only with themselves but with each other. I glanced over at Paul and I saw that he had one hand inside his shirt and the other hand between his legs, slowly moving up and down. Ok, I thought, if he can, I can too - so I started to rub my cock, one finger concentrating on the glans. Then I noticed that Paul had half turned so that he was facing me on the couch and I did the same thing so that we were looking at each other, ignoring the TV. We looked into each others eyes, then down at each others bodies. Paul's shirt was open and he had one hand on his chest, a finger rubbing an erect nipple, and the other hand was now inside the top of his pants. What about your nipples, he asked, don't you like to play with them? Of course, I had rubbed my nipples when maturbating, and of course it felt good, adding to the pleasure, but I hadn't really thought much about it. I had a tee shirt on, and to get to my nipples I just pulled it off over my head so that I sat there, bare chested. My chest is smooth with no hair except a few around the nipples, and, as I looked down, I saw that the nipples were unusually hard and erect - not like a woman's, but different than I expected to see. I began to rub them slowly, a finger under and around eace nipple, and the sensation went straight to my groin, feeling like the approach of an orgasm. Then Paul completely surprised me by saying, I really like your nipples, would you think it was too weird if I wanted to touch them with my tongue. By then, the way I was feeling, probably not very much would have seemed too weird, so I said - no, that would be just fine. You lie down on the couch, he said, and I will kneel down on the floor, and that is what we did. He began by lightly running his tongue over each nipple, then he placed his mouth over each nipple, licking fairly hard with his tongue, finally he began to gently suck each nipple. While he was doing this, I had unzipped and pushed doen my pants and my cock was standing straight up, the glans wet and slippery from the secretion caused by the sensation from my nipples. Then I noticed that Paul had pulled down his pants and was jacking off while he was sucking my nipples. At this, I could not stop myself and began to jack off too, stroking up and down until I came to a strong pulsating orgasm, arching my back as the come spurted up into the air. Paul came at about the same time, rolling over so that his come shot out onto the rug. We lay there in the dark, spent, not saying anything. When I went to dinner, I expected that something would happen, but certainly not what actually happened. Life is filled with surprises.



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