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AdultTruth or Dare

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AdultTruth or Dare by Steve
A couple of years ago when I was23, I was travelling abroad and hanging out with 4 friends (2women, and 2 men). One night we were staying in this dorm styleroom that had two bedrooms and one common room. We were allhanging out and talking in this common room, dressed incomfortable sweats, when my friend suggested that we play anadult version of truth or dare for some excitement.

Everyone agreed to the idea, butone of the girls added that she would only participate if she hadthe option to go into another room for privacy to do the dare ifnecessary. She sad that if she was dared to fuck one of us thatshe would want privacy. I was thinking - here we go !!!!

One of my buddies was so unselfishthat he dared the women to please my other friend present. Thedare was that 1 of the 2 girls, Tracy, would sit next to our malefriend, call him Jack, and jerk him off. At the same time theother girl, Michelle, had to sit accross from them and messageTracy's clit with her foot and play with herself at the sametime. The dare was carried out no problem. Jack was in heaven andthe 2 women were enjoying themselves as well. After a few minutesmy good buddy Jack suggested that the 2 women please me now.

I was loving it. Now it was myturn. He dared Tracy and Michelle to suck me off at the sametime. I had already fooled around with Tracy before so it was nobig deal for her. The other girl was a good friend of myex-girlfriend so that was a bit wierd. Once before Tracy hadgiven me a hand job on a dark bus at night.

Anyway, the 2 girls and I lieddown on the floor together while my 2 buddies were watching from10 feet away. Both women started by kissing me in each ear andthen licking and dragging their tongues down my chest and to mycrotch area. Tracy was the aggressor and pulled down my sweatsand started to stroke my cock. Michelle watched from up close andrubbed my chest. I was a little too nervous to fully enjoy it. Ithink the presence of the two guys turned me off. I didn't come,but the story doesn't end here.

We had to quit the game because wewere interrupted. Later that night we all went to sleep on thefloor, lying spoons - it went guy-girl-guy-girl-guy. I could hearJack and Tracy fooling around in there sleeping bags accross theroom. I was cuddling with Michelle and the 3rd guy got pissed,felt neglected and got up to sleep on the couch.

I fell asleep only to wake up inthe middle of the night to hear Michelle playing with herself.She told me before she had to masturbate like 3 times a day tostay relaxed and in good spirits but this was something else. Icould hear her breathing heavy and her hand rubbing against theinside of her sleeping bag. I got the biggest hard on ever in notime !!! I started rubbing her back and slipped my hand insideher sleeping bag and felt her hands in between her legs. What aturn on. She reached into my bag, grabbed my cock and wecontinued to jerk each other off. I often fantasize about thisnight and jerk off thinking about Tracy and Michelle.

note: the names of the real people have been changed



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