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A very memorable lunch

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This is an account of one of our hottest mutual masturbation experiences, as written by mrs. echokilo in an e-mail to one of our friends who also writes erotica. This happened winter before last:

He called me about 9:30a.m. and said he would love it if I would come down to go out to lunch (mind you we did this once in the summer and to great satisfaction) and so my mind drifted to that time. I agreed, having nothing more pressing than having sex with my husband during lunch, and I drove down. On the drive down, my pussy was experiencing many kegal contractions, a most wonderful build up for sex.

I picked him up on the street next to the office, and I asked him if he wanted to go "park" (oh, I know it's such a guy thing, but then it took me 25 minutes to get to the office, panting all the way). He said, "OK," but not as enthusiastically as I had envisioned. So I drove to the park that is not far from the office, but is generally not visited by many people on a business day.

We had the luxury of having no one around. As soon as I parked, we pulled up the middle console to the bench seat and started to kiss. Nice, deep French kisses that make you wobbly in the knees. He kissed me deeply, and I felt it run through my body. He put his hand down to pull up my very short denim skirt, and felt my beige 4811's. He asked me why I had bothered to wear them, so I took them off.

He then placed his hand on my pussy and gently separated my petals and felt the hot, wet warmth of my pussy. At this point he started to get erect, so he took off his pants and underwear, but put his pants back on half way, just in case someone came near. He gently stroked, and then started to press deeply on my clit, which he knows I love the most. He got me so very hot, but I was not coming, so I took over and masturbated my clit while he put his middle and ring fingers up my cunt. I absolutely love it when he fucks my cunt like that. It was not long before he made me orgasm, which lasted at least a minute, probably more.

By this time, all of our passion had steamed up the windows, so we relaxed a bit, figuring no one would see us. When he pulled his hand away from my cunt, it was so incredibly wet that he started to stroke his cock with my wetness. I was so amazed watching him stoke his hard cock with my wetness that I wanted more. I leaned back against the driver side door and kicked my leg up to spread my legs next to him. When I did this he started to rub my clit, just above my hood -- through the skin, what an incredible feeling! He had never done this with such careful deliberate stroking that he got me to come very quickly, but it lasted for at least 3 minutes. I didn't want him to stop, and he kept stoking me with superb ministrations. Spent at last, I leaned over and held his balls while he stroked his cock and came.

After a big sigh of contentment, we opened the windows a bit, got dressed sans knickers, and proceeded to drive to a very good Teriyaki place. As we were leaving the restaurant and walking down the outside stairs, I realized that it was the first time I had my Brazilian-bare pussy exposed to very cold temperatures...brrrr.

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