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A Short History of Wanking - 5 (Ellie 2)

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A masturbation journey from the beginning taking my hard dick to many varied territories, Ellie part 2.


After my shower, I dressed in a casual t-shirt and shorts. It looked like being a warm day. When I got to the kitchen for breakfast there was just Ellie. My sister was still in bed and John had gone out somewhere. My sister eventually came down and the three of us decided to go on bikes into the country. There we could find somewhere to just laze about, do some reading and just generally relax. All agreed, we packed some drinks and a bit of food and off we went. Ellie behaved as if nothing had happened that morning although I did get one of her cheeky winks as we went off on our bikes.

We must have been cycling for about an hour when Ellie turned into a woodland track. We cycled up there for a mile or two and came to this large clearing, a bit like a small field full of soft springy grass. We pushed our bikes off the path and under some trees, locked them together and collected our things and wandered off into the meadow. Once we had gone about 50 yards in it was like being in the middle of nowhere. It was our own private little patch of field. This was just perfect for crashing out and enjoying the sun and the warm breeze.

We lay there and chatted, read each other little stories and chatted some more. My sister got out the suncream and suggested a little sun bathing. We can't go back home the same colour as when we left, Ellie agreed. So I sat up and took my t-shirt off, put some cream on and proudly announced bring it on! Ellie and my sister looked at each other. It's alright for him, shall we do that too. Now, if I understood correctly, I assumed they were talking about removing their shirts.

Basically, I was correct. Ellie sat up and as cool as you like just lifted her t-shirt over her head to reveal her bikini top. Now, she must have had this piece of clothing for a while as it was obviously struggling to cover her growing breasts. This started the first stirrings in my shorts since I got up this morning. Her tits looked so firm and round. They were crying out to be stared at and I just couldn't help myself. My sister then removed her t-shirt and I was surprised to see how much she had grown even if it was a few years now. She too had sprouted a nice pair of firm breasts but not yet as big as Ellie's.

They were both sitting there spreading sun cream on their arms and the rest of their bodies. Without realising it I sat there watching them do this until Ellie caught my eye. Like what you see then, she said as she looked at the front of my shorts. My sister giggled and went a little red. I turned away not really knowing what to say. It's not fair that you get an all over tan while we have to carefully make sure that any white lines don't show. I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders and said well that's your choice.

Ellie stood up and looked around. I can't see anybody else around here and any way they wouldn't see us here unless they were way off track. She sat down again, smiled at me, reached behind her back and click, as soon as she unclipped her bra top, her breasts jutted forwards. I smiled, looks like they are pleased to be free. She scowled back at me, still holding the flimsy material to her chest. OK. I'll put them back if you prefer! I shook my head, and said that would be a shame. She turned away from me and put her bikini top into her bag. I could see the sight of her gorgeous breast just under her arm. As she turned back I got my first full view of her glorious body. Suck plump round breasts with perfect round areola and hard little pink nipples. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and my shorts must have looked like a circus big top. She smiled and leant back pushing her breasts even further out. There was not a hint of any sag, don't forget these were the first real breasts I had ever seen. They reminded me of Zoe in the magazine a few years ago when I blew my first load. I tried to sort out my shorts without it being too obvious. No such luck. Both girls spotted this and smiled at each other.

What happened next really blew my mind. Ellie picked up the suncream and started to massage it in to her breasts. At first she just applied it underneath and around the sides and then finally over the top. Then she got some more on her hand and started gently massaging it around her nipples making them stand out even more. She knew I was watching and was putting on a bit of a show. I tried to get my hand into my pocket to give my straining cock a stroke. Stop that! Ellie barked with a grin on her face. In the mean time, my sister had taken her top off as well to reveal her growing breasts. Her nipples looked puffier than Ellie's but that may have just been because the breasts were smaller. Ellie handed her the sun cream and she went through the same routine applying it liberally around her tits and massaging it in around her nipples. I think she was getting a bit hot doing this as her face blushed a dark shade of pink.

So here I was sitting in a field with two lovely girls massaging sun lotion into their breasts and nipples. The feelings in my shorts was building and building and suddenly, without warning, bang! I couldn't help it. I desperately tried to hide it but I shuddered slightly as cum poured out of my cock. I could feel my cock pulsing and the familiar tight feeling in my anus as I felt my warm slippery juice fill my pants. My hips were twitching involuntarily. I coughed to try to hide my gasps but of course Ellie spotted this. She was about to burst out laughing at my predicament when I stared hard at her and shook my head. No, I whispered. She smiled, put her finger to her lips and winked at me. She was rocking gently in the grass as the skin on her neck and upper chest slowly turned a beautiful shade or red.

My cock slowly subsided as I felt the thick goo dribbling around and under my balls. I grabbed a handful of tissues from my bag, jumped up and quickly headed to the trees close by. Just going for a pee I shouted back. Give it a shake for me joked Ellie in return. As I got to the trees I turned back and glanced at the girls. Ellie was whispering in my sister's ear and they both collapsed in fits of giggles. I'll get my own back I thought to myself.

I tidied myself up as best I could and wandered back to the girls, who were still smiling at each other. Better now? Ellie asked. They then put their tops back on saying that as the sun was quite strong it was best to protect such tender skin. I agreed, don't want sore titties do you! We sat there chatting, reading and generally snoozing for the next hour or two. We had a bite to eat and drink. Basically just chilled out and had a real lazy afternoon. I just could not get the picture of those breasts out of my mind.

Cycling home I kept wondering how much those little pussies must enjoy the massage on the bike saddle. We got home in time to have a quick shower and, in my case, tidy up before supper. I bet mine weren't the only damp pants in the laundry that day! The evening followed the pattern of the others and after supper we crashed out and watched television. As I crawled into bed my mind went back to the afternoon and the memory of two girls sat in the field. As my mind focussed on them rubbing cream into their nipples, my hand found its way to my cock. It seems to do this with frightening regularity in those days. I still felt slightly sore from the afternoon but that was not going to stop me. I slowly started to stroke my stiff rod. It didn't take long before my hips joined the rhythm and I was pumping in time. I had to be a bit careful in case you could hear the bed squeaking. My imagination was going wild it was me now who was rubbing cream on to her tits. Even in my imagination I could feel those beautiful firm but smooth breasts. I shut my eyes tight to picture the scene and stroked and pumped harder. I could feel my muscles between my legs start to tense and as my balls started to tighten up to my body a huge shudder shook me as what felt like pints of white fluid sprayed from my cock. Another huge contraction as even more sprayed on my chest and belly. In my mind I was spraying all over Ellie's tits and as I rubbed it into my chest I imagined I was massaging it into her hard nipples.

I drifted off to a happy satisfied sleep with a smile on my face.



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