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A New Side To My Wife

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My wife use to think anal sex was dirting and disgusting. Now she admits she likes it better than vaginal sex and she wants it everytime we make love.

My wife's and my sex life gets better with each year. We slowly add new things into our lovemaking and with age we have become more open minded or simply more jaded. An exciting addition to our lovemaking recently has been my wife's open enjoyment of anal stimulation.

The first time I played with her ass was eight years ago. We were sitting in front of the fireplace enjoying the fire and a drink. She was sitting on the love seat and I was sitting on the floor at her feet. She was wearing shorts and I started caressing her feet and calves. I massaged her legs and slowly working my way up. When I got to the bottom of her shorts I worked my hands up underneath the fabric. It was hard to reach her pussy because there wasn't much room inside her shorts. When I touched her panties they were wet with her excitement. I felt like taking off her shorts but I didn't want to interrupt the passion of the moment. She was obviously excited. She slid her but off the edge of the love seat to give me better access and was rolling her hips against my hand. I brought a hand up under her thigh and wiggled my finger inside her panties. I was hard to keep the panties aside and I just determinedly pressed my finger forward. She was very wet and my finger slid along her flesh until I found her opening. I pressed my finger in and she moaned and pushed back. However, I quickly realized I had my finger in her ass instead of her pussy. My eyes were probably as big as saucers. I looked at my wife's face expecting to see an angry surprised face, but her eyes were closed and she was lost in pleasure.

A rush of excitement came over me. I slowly tried to move my finger. I had little room to maneuver within her shorts. I just left my hand still and moved my finger gently in and out in a circular motion. Meanwhile I pushed up her blouse and began to suck on her breasts. I concentrated on what I was feeling. She was very tight around my finger but she was so wet that I easily slid in and out. She was relaxing and getting looser as I went and she would react more when my finger was coming out. This lasted less than a minute and then she began to come. Her ass went into spasms, clamping and relaxing around my finger. She rolled her ass trying to fuck my hand but it added little effect since my hand was held firmly against her by her shorts.

After she came down she said, "That was the best orgasm ever." I slowly pulled my finger out of her and at that point her pleasure turned to disgust. She had me thoroughly wash my hand while she went and bathed. When she came back she said that it felt really great but she never wanted to do it again.

Since anal stimulation has only been something we've rarely added to our love making. A few times, when she is very close to coming, she has let me finger her. She admits it makes her orgasms more intense, but she's concerned about cleanliness. For me, the nastier it is the more it turns me on, so I couldn't relate.

Well things suddenly changed about a month ago. I offered to give her an oil massage. It had been a very long time since I had done that, a year at least. I had her undress and lay on our bed as I messaged her entire body.

She laid on her stomach and I started at her feet. I slowly worked my way up her body, avoiding making it a sensual massage. When I got up to her shoulders and neck I worked my way back down. However when I got to her ass I gave them some attention this time. I worked them in my hands, lifting them and pulling them apart. I messaged her buttocks and her upper thighs. Eventually I changed my technique to gain access to her pussy. I started running my hands up the inside of her thighs, slowly pushing her legs apart. In time my fingers were brushing the lips of her pussy. I reached down and licked at her pussy as best I could, while caressing her with my fingers. At this angle I could barely reach her pussy with the tip of my tongue. I was licking her perineum mostly. I worked hard to get her clit but couldn't easily. She had brought her hand down under her stomach and was playing with her clit. At one point, as I was trying to reach my tongue onto her clit, she flinched. I asked her if I had hurt her. She said, "It's just not comfortable to be spread so much. What you were doing before felt good." I said, just keep playing with your clit, and I'll take care of the rest of you.

As she played with her slit, I message her ass and licked her. I went back to pulling her buttocks apart and licking her from the base of her pussy to the edge of her asshole. When I grazed her ass she pushed up into me and moaned. My wife normally discourages me from playing with her ass but she seemed to be encouraging it. I was a little timid about trying it again, but after focusing on her pussy only for a while I deliberately dragged my tongue up and over her anus. She raised her hips towards me as my tongue touched her ass. Well, I took that as my invitation.

I stayed there, licking at her ass. I got into a rhythm of running my tongue up her crack, just over her anus and then back down. I kept this up adding increased pressure as I went. I was pleased to find that she was very clean and didn't have any foul taste. She actually tasted pretty good. She had just bathed and the massage oil that covered her body had a nice almond flavor. I rimmed my wife's ass for only a few seconds before she was coming.

She laid there for a while with her head in her pillow and said, "That was great, I saw sunflowers." I feared though she would then feel guilt and disgust and that would be the end of it but instead it was the beginning of a new series in our lovemaking.

A couple days later, after I got the kids to bed, we shared a bath. It was difficult to enjoy the time together because we kept hearing our children who were suppose to be sleeping. The bath ended when our two year old barged into the bathroom. She looks at us both in the bath and started to laugh. We got out of the tub and I got her off to bed, again! I then went to settle the other two kids down as well.

When I finally made it into our bedroom I found my wife lying naked on top on the sheet caressing her pussy with her penis shaped vibrator. I just laid down next to her with my head at the foot of the bed so I could watch her. I told her I loved to watch her play with herself. She ran the vibrator over her clit in small circles periodically dipping down to her pussy. After a while she asked me to add a little massage oil. I dripped a little over her clit and down her slit and massaged it in with my hand.

She kept playing with herself as I massaged her. I leaned up to her breasts and sucked a nipple into my mouth. I noticed her eyes close as I did this. As I alternately sucked on one breast and then the other I pulled and the lips of her pussy and exposed my clit and pussy to her vibrating dong.

After a few minutes I sat up and offered her my cock. She sucked it in and stroked me with a hand at the same time. I reached a hand back to her pussy and played with her clit. A few moments later I stretched lower and ran a finger into the crevice of her ass. The oil had ran down and made it easy to slip between her cheeks to her anus. I took a finger and repeatedly flicked it over her across her anus. She started moving her hips in rhythm with my finger. I then started letting my finger dip into her ass as I ran across it. Eventually my finger was going in and out of her ass just to the first knuckle in a circular motion. That's when she feverishly sucked and pounded my dick. She had my cock in her mouth, a plastic penis in her pussy and my finger in her ass as she came. I could feel her ass spasming around my finger. I pumped in as it relaxed and pulled out as it contracted. As she came down from her orgasm, she took the vibrator from her pussy and turned it off. After a while I pulled my finger from her ass.

She then grabbed my cock with both hands and started pumping me into her mouth. I focused on what she was doing and after seeing her orgasm I wasn't far from coming. Moments later I could feel the come rising from my balls. At the last minute I pulled from her lips. It was like she didn't want me to take her dick away because she chased it with her tongue, licking the tip.

As I came she pointed my dick to her breasts. I spurted rope after rope of come across her breast. After I had covered her breasts in cum I laid down beside her and we kissed.

Two days later, while the kids were engrossed in a movie, we snuck up to our room for an afternoon of sex. I took a minute to wash up a bit in the bathroom and came into the bedroom to find my wife masturbating wildly with one of her favorite vibrators, a clear jelly, penis shaped vibrator. Because it was early afternoon the sun was shining in on her. She looked beautiful there on our bed and I asked if I could take some pictures of her playing with herself. She said I have enough incriminating pictures of her and that I will just have to mentally remember this image.

Well, I laid down on the bed next to her and watched her play with herself. She was running the tip of the vibrator across her clit, I asked her to push it inside her, that I loved to watch her put it inside. She pulled her lips apart and slowly pushed it about halfway in and then pulled it out. She said, "I'm not ready for that yet. I'm not wet enough." And she went back to playing with her clit. I then grabbed my dick and started stroking to get myself hard. I straddled her hips, and with may cock in my hand I leaned forward and kissed her. We kissed while we each played with ourselves. I ran the tip of my cock up and down her thigh as I pumped it in my hand.

After a while I brought it up pussy and moved it up and down her slit. My wife reached over to the nightstand and picked up a bottle of massage oil. She brought to my cock and squirted a large amount on my cock and said, "Here rub this over it." I leaned back and stroked my slick cock now slick with oil. I loved how it felt and forgot for a few seconds about my wife's pussy. My eyes were closed and when I opened them I saw my wife staring at the hand pounding on my cock. She had a hungry look in her eyes and when she eventually looked and my eyes she gave me a big smile.

I stroked myself for a few more seconds and then brought my cock back to her pussy. I slowly pushed inside. It felt so good. And she would run the vibrator over my shaft at the same time as she played with herself.

After a few minutes I repositioned myself so my wife could more easily play with herself and I could watch. I put my head toward the foot of the bed and bent her knees up so I could put my legs up along the side of her body. She loved this position because my penis pulling up and pressing into her G-spot. We made love like this for a long time. At times I would bend forward and pull her toward me to kiss or to suck on her breasts. I would hold open the folds of her pussy so she could attack her slit with the vibrator.

I was doing my best to delay my orgasm hoping she would come soon. Eventually she said she didn't think she was going to be able to come, we had just gone too long. And she suggested I just come. Instead, considering how lately she has been enjoying anal stimulation, I decided to give it another try. I reached under my cock a sought out her asshole with my fingers. She was dripping from her juices and it was easy to slide my fingers between her cheeks to her anus. As soon as I touched it she sighed, "Oh, that feels good." I worked a finger across the bump of her anus seeking out the opening. She started grinding her pelvis into me in rhythm with my hand. With my finger I started to curve my finger towards me over her anus as if beckoning someone to come. My finger was slipping just barely into her ass and with each movement her ass got more lubrication and my finger went further in. Her ass was loosing up and accepting my finger. I began to fuck her ass with my finger pushing it in as far as I could. With my hand twisted around under her I couldn't get my entire finger up her ass. Her eyes were have closed and she appeared to be in ecstasy. She was moving her whole body moving against me, with my cock in her pussy and my finger up her ass. For a moment I considered replacing my finger with my cock, but as I was thinking about what it would feel like she came heavily.

Anal stimulation is now a regular part of our lovemaking. She even talks about it, about how much she likes it and that she even likes it more than when I play with her pussy. The last time we had sex I was licking her clit and working her silicone penis shaped vibrator in and out of her pussy. The vibrator and my penis are about the same size, and after a while I decided to move it to her ass. She was very wet and dripping so there was plenty of lubrication. I gently and slowly pressed the vibrator against her ass until just the head was inside. Once inside she gave out a moan. I gave the vibrator in few short quick trusts and she immediately started coming. When she opened her eyes she looked at me lustfully and said "I want you in me." She grabbed my cock and pulled it quickly into her pussy. I came quickly thinking how it would feel to be fucking her ass--maybe next time.



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