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A Moment With My Daughter

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On the sectional once again!


Here is the other incident which I mentioned I would write about. It revolves around my daughter Tina. As I have mentioned she is quite affectionate and expressive. She enjoys hugs and close body contact often standing very close to me when we talk and even reaching out to touch my clothes and play with them distractedly. Like, picking off lint or just playing with a button on my blouse. I try not to reach too much into that behaviour, but wanted to mention it as a way of showing how we relate.

Oh, and for those that asked I'll mention that I'm 5'5' with brown hair. I have a thin figure with little boobs. All in all I guess I'm still a reasonably attractive woman but trying to describe myself is not something I'm good at.

This occasion took place near spring break. My son was away for the afternoon so just Tina and I were home. I was on the couch (again! lol) when she came in and sat next to me. After a few moments she lay down with her head away from me and put her legs in my lap. She said that her calf muscles ached. I offered to give them a little rub and she quickly said yes. She was wearing sweat pants so I just pushed them up to her knees and started kneading her calves. I'm not a masseuse so really did not know if I was helping or not. I could not get much pressure on them just using my fingertips at the angle we were positioned but still she seemed to enjoy it. When I was done (or thought I was) I asked if it felt any better. She said yes and that she did not want me to stop. I could not do much more in that position and asked if she wanted a more complete leg rub. Immediately she said YES. Hmmm. I told her to go and put shorts on and that I would get some hand lotion since I don't have any massage oils. I also got a throw which I could put over her legs so she would not be exposed while I massaged.

She came down from her room in some little cotton shorts and immediately lay down on her belly. I got positioned so that I could either sit on the couch or to the side while I rubbed her legs. I put the throw over her legs and started rubbing her feet. It made a big difference with the lotion and with the better angle. I gave her feet a thorough rubbing and then started on her calves. I kept the throw on her legs so I was rubbing them without seeing them. She really seemed to like this and then I started on her thighs.

She immediately started making little sounds of pleasure. Not sex sounds really, just little sounds with each breath out. I kept my sounds to myself but I too was feeling some pleasure. I alternated between little squeezes and longer strokes up and down her legs. Her skin felt so good on my hands and fingertips. I got a little carried away in my reveries. At one point on the upstroke on the inside of her thigh I went a little too far. I was trying to keep her legs covered and did not see how far my hand went up so when my fingers went under her shorts and gave a little touch on her panties she startled a little.

I quickly apologized and got my hands away. She relaxed again and said it was alright and then added that it felt good. 'Really?' I said, surprised at her comment. She said yes. All I could say was 'good'. I kept massaging, but did not get that high on her legs again. I did ask if she was enjoying it to which she said 'oh yeah'. I told her that it felt as good to the massager as it did to the one getting the massage. And it did! I was getting quite wet, trying to maintain my composure and still letting my fantasies fly.

At one point I took my hand from her leg and gave myself a little rub but that's all I would allow myself in that moment. As I was finishing she again said that she did not want it to stop, but I told her that Jim was going to be home for dinner and that I needed to get it ready. I did say that maybe another time we could do it again and she was quite pleased with that idea. I left her to relax for a few minutes and went to my bedroom where I quickly brought myself to a very wet orgasm before going down to make dinner.

I guess we will see what the summer brings!



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