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A Man's Touch

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It took a long time, but my friend Mark and I finally began masturbating each other in college.


I started hanging out with a friend, Mark, in my senior year of high school, and then it happened that we went off to the same college. We didn't room together I was in the dorms, but he didn't get admitted to the dorms, so at the last minute had to get his own apartment. He'd come over to the dorms to hang out, though. Mark was pretty macho, a kind of cowboy type (he was raised on a farm), and when we'd go out for drinks, all he wanted to talk about was women...which was real fine with me!

At his apartment, he had lots of magazines, and I began borrowing them. It was pretty obvious WHY I was borrowing them, but we never said anything about it, until one time he showed me a new magazine spread of an awesome woman, and said I couldn't borrow it because he was still shooting spunk over her. Well, after that, when I'd return a magazine, I couldn't resist telling him the ones that turned me on the most.

I guess you know where this is leading....but it took a long time, a year in fact, before something happened. We'd gone out for happy hour, which turned into two or three hours, and ended up at his place, and he had some new magazines and he was so salacious the way he talked about them, how he got a boner the moment he opened saw them, how he wanted to suck tits, that I got a hard on listening to him, and he was getting worked up too. I honestly don't remember who made the first move, but I remember watching Mark rub his boner through his pants, and then the next thing our cocks were out and we were stroking.

His cock was pretty awesome. He was 6'6', and had blond hair. Somehow I thought his cock wouldn't be hairy (I admit, I'd fantasized, many times, about stroking it), he actually had a really thick curly patch of hair, and a thick, straight long cock. The next thing I remember is his orgasm, he built up, tense, noisy with grunts and moans. He held his hips up and was stroking real hard for the longest time before, oh shit! I never imagined so much cum. His first shots were explosions, but he kept pumping thick white cum forever! I was awestruck and even forgot to stroke, so when he calmed down, I was still stroking. Mark was blown away. He'd never seen a guy hard before, and he couldn't take his eyes off me, and THAT was turning me on something fierce. I had an awesome orgasm...nothing like his, but wow, it felt so good! Then Mark suddenly jumped up without a word and ran into the shower, and I was left with cum all over my crotch, wondering WTF!

I was frankly nervous when he came back. I thought about putting my pants back on, or going into the bathroom to wipe up, but I couldn't move. I sat there with a limp cock and cum drying in my pubic hair. I was afraid Mark was freaked out and would show me the door. And I was really turned on. Before he came out of the bathroom, my cock had swollen again, without stroking or anything. Mark came out, and then ran back and came with a towel, and wiped up my cum! You could have floored me! He wiped my dick, balls, everything! Now I was REALLY hard!

He was still naked, and when he got up to ditch the towel, he was getting hard again. I said something about jacking off again, and he was for it! I began stroking and, in my turned-on, delirious state, I told him how good it felt when he was wiping my cock. I never expected he'd do anything like that! He said, cool, man and just reached over and began stroking me. I'm normally a really soft, sensual masturbator. I take a long time, edging, sensitive, tender. Mark pumped the s**t out of my poor cock, just the way he did his own, and, I gotta say, getting manhandled like that put me out of my mind. I began cursing and swearing and almost screaming, and Mark was pumping harder and harder. I shot my load when he squeezed my balls tight and let out a scream.

Later, when we talked, I told him how hot that was. I said he MUST have jerked off guys before, but he swore he hadn't. Well, turn about if fair, isn't it? So I stroked him MY way, long, teasing, bringing him to the brink over and over until he actually and truly begged to cum. The next morning, he called me to say he was incredibly horny, more than he'd ever been in his life, and he wanted me to come over. We ditched our classes, and played with each other the rest of the day, and for the rest of the year. I have to admit that we did a lot of things that shocked us both, but we couldn't resist. Chemistry, I guess. We both were dating, too, but lots of times after a date we'd end up at his apartment for some man time as he called it, even when his girlfriend gave him other forms of sex. Our girlfriends never knew. I can honestly say, I've never had such awesome orgasms as the ones the Mark gave me.

Well, I wasn't going to say all that, I just wanted to tell about the first time. Thanks for listening. Confession is good.



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