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A Male Contribution

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Your site is a big turn-on for a mature man with no female companion. I was 9 when I recall my first overtly sexual experience. The baby sitter decided to take a bath. I opened the bathroom door and saw her naked. That began a lifetime of erotic interest. I began masturbating at that time. The climax was astounding, but no fluid came out.
Then my uncle interceded. As it turned out he was gay, but that's another story. We were sitting in the living room while my parents were out. He was staying with us temporarily. We began playing with my pet hampster. He let it crawl into his undies and encouraged me to feel it and feel his cock. I was so excited as I did that my mouth was dry. We went to the bed room and he exposed himself and I fondled him and jerked him inexpertly until he did it himself. His orgasm was pathetic in light of my subsequent experience, but at the time, at nine years of age, it was a stunning moment. The guy was a loser and is long gone to the hereafter now, but at the time this was the supreme moment of my sexual life. He watched me jerk off. Of course nothing came out, but it felt glorious. After, he agonized that I might rat him out. He really was a loser. Actually, I think of it as a good memory, it was sort of like coming out into the adult world.I was an altar boy too, and knew a couple of priests who cared very much for my 'welfare' and balls. Even at that tender age it seemed like this was the way of the world and I have never thought of myself as abused. Having men suck me off seemed like good stuff to me.Girls were a complete fantasy at that point in my development. I had seen pics of pussys and that is what I thought about every waking moment, Fifty years later it's remains the counterpoint to my private thoughts. This is a very important thing for women to understand. Nine or ninety, men think about young girls unless they have hang-ups. They don't think of age appropriate women. Depend on it!
Personally, I have alway been open to same sex encounters, but that is much harder for men to do than it is for young girls. Men have incredible hang-ups about being 'real men', so unless you're dealing with a homosexual, any possibility of sexual touching is almost non-existent, youthful mutual masturbation aside. Denial rules! For the last fifty years it has been so. Clearly I have my own hang-ups to deal with as do we all.My personal interest has always been directed to girls, and for reasons I won't go into, that was a big problem for me. I did end up getting married and the two of us had a pretty good run with exceptional sex for 17 years. We had a beautiful daughter and I remember every moment I spent with my daughter as the crowning glory of my life. Then my wife and I separated and I lost touch with my daughter. This is no place to explain all of that.My wife is dead now.
So why am I interested in female masturbation? I like girls, I mean I really like them. I like hearing about them having fun. I like hearing about them succeeding in life and making waves in daily affairs. I like reading about them getting great jobs and kicking ass. I like reading about them finding physical satisfaction, with other girls or with men. Truthfully I think women are the superior gender. They make the nests. They make the babies, and they raise them. Like bees, the men tend to be drones. All the stuff about power and money is cultural garbage. The posts I read were very erotic. I was left with one thought...
Girls need to understand they rule the roost. For God's sake be proud of being a girl and don't let any man use you.I think of every moment I have been close to a girl. Those were the most important moments of my life. I wish I could find one now, but I guess the time has passed.Still, I think of making love to my girlfriend two years ago. She was barely 22. I paid her for sex. She was a prostitute. I paid my wife too.If you want sex with a young woman bring your wallet. I never had sex with a pretty young woman for free. Not once. If there is a disconnect between men and women it's that we don't give full value to how important the relationships we develop matter to us.Women are hard wired to provide a nest for babies and men are hard wired to fuck every girl they can get their hands on. Sorry, but that's the way things are.I know your husband or boyfriend is nothing like that and I am out to lunch, but think about it.
There isn't a woman in the world who can make a man absolutely faithful, but a baby girl in a crib can do that in a heartbeat. That was my experience. It wasn't until years after I had separated from my wife that I got a girlfriend.For a long, long time I was a slave to a little girl who needed constant care. It was the happiest time of my life.
Enough said.



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