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A Magical Love-affair With Stuart

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This happened shortly after my 16th birthday-I remember it like it was yesterday, and I'll never forget it...


It was a boiling hot day in June, and my parents were out for the day. I had the day off from school, and was determined to make it a day of pure pleasure. First, a little self-description. I'm average height with quite a good build,brown hair and brown eyes. I'm considerably hairy-hairy arms, hairy legs, and a treasure trail leading down into my bush, a mass of curly brown hair surrounding my penis (six inches erect, uncut).

I'd woken up that morning with a raging boner. I stroked it a little and said out loud "let's get you sorted out, eh?" I then proceeded to stroke my dick until it was throbbing and leaking pre-cum. I then got out of bed, stripped off my clothes, climbed on to my bed and humped myself to orgasm, leaving a big patch of cum which I licked up. I remember thinking "If only I could rub my willy against another boy's, instead of just a mattress". Little did I know what was to come! (no pun intended!)

Anyway, I was just lounging about in the living room, stroking myself again, when I saw the paper boy approaching, whom I recognised as my friend from school Stuart. He's really gorgeous, he's got lovely light brown hair, stunning blue eyes, a lovely bum (which I regularly secretly check out) and such a cute nose. He's not too tall, and he hasn't started to shave yet, so he's got a really cute little wisp of hair on his upper lip. Anyway, I quickly hitched up my trousers when I saw him approaching and opened the door before he set off again on his round. I nearly came right then and there when I saw he was wearing small white shorts which perfectly exposed those gorgeous slippery thighs.

"Hi Stuart" I said quite breathlessly, melting inside when he looked at me with those adorable eyes. "Hey mate, good to see you!" he replied quite cheerfully. He gratefully accepted my offer of a cold drink, as he looked very hot (in both senses of the word!) We settled down on the sofa and laughed and joked about nothing in particular. After a while, I casually placed my hand on his leg, and he stretched out and rested his head on my shoulder, I nearly squealed.

My heart thumping, I moved my hand up his leg towards his crotch and that delightful little bulge in his shorts. No reaction from Stuart, whose eyes were closed. I started rubbing his bulge, which to my delight started to grow, but he still said nothing. I kissed his head, and gently manoevured my hand into his pants. I felt his sweaty, hairy balls and found his cock. I wrapped my hand round it (nice and thick, I remember thinking) and started to move my hand up and down, at this Stuart let out a little moan. He then put his hand down into my boxers and felt my own throbbing member, I gasped in pleasure. I turned his face towards mine and kissed him fully on the mouth. "Let's go upstairs" I whispered, at which he grinned, and his cock throbbed in my hand.

We raced up the stairs holding hands, up to my bedroom. We wrapped our arms round each other and kissed long and hard. I raised his shirt off his shoulders and licked his armpits and sucked his nipples. Stuart moaning with horny pleasure, I moved my tongue down his body until I got to his shorts, which I ripped off. I was then confronted with his hard penis level with my eye. I gripped his bum with my hands, and started sucking his dick. Oh, it was so warm and delicious, I'm sure I was getting as much pleasure as him, he was moaning really loudly. I swirled my tongue round his pubes, which tickled my nose, and poked it into his hole, which made him yell "OH GOD, OHHHH" and grip the back of my head as he shot his load down my throat, writhing in ecstasy.

But he wasn't done yet, and I still had to be satisfied. Wiping my cum-covered lips, Stuart (who now seemed to be in control) led me to my bed. I let him undress me, and he kissed my aching, horny penis, and sucked it like I had sucked his earlier. Next he laid my naked body on the bed and clambered on top of me. His penis (which had quickly hardened again) rubbed against mine, and we lay there, moaning, humping each other. I felt myself close to climax, and I rolled him over and lay on top of him. Our hard cocks moved in and out of our sweating thighs, and I gave one final loud moan as I cummed everywhere, Stuart cumming again quickly afterward.

We lay there for a while in a state of contentment, until Stuart poked me. "Hey man, get off, I've got to go!" I rolled off him and watched him get dressed, all the while we were shooting romantic glances at each other. I stood up when he was clothed, and kissed him again. He reciprocated, and kissed me all over, right down to my cock, which he proceeded to suck again, this time letting me shoot my load down his throat. "Mmmm, thanks mate, but I've got to go now; see you Monday!" he said, kissing me on the head and then he left.

I lay on my bed naked for a while, contemplating what had just happened. At school on Monday, I was worried Stuart would feel awkward, but he just pretended nothing had ever happened, although I occasionally felt his hands grip by bum as we passed in the corridor. Oh, I love him so much, I really do. Thanks, Solo Touch readers, I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I had experiencing it. Now though, as my cock is hard and leaking from writing this story, I think I'll get back to my favourite hobby...



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