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A Helping Hand

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Still wank off to this memory.


Just to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Manuel, 16 years old when I attended a public school and had just entered grade 10. Since I was doing well in school, I asked my parents if I could get a part-time job at our local grocery store. My parents were happy that I thought of working but told me I have to promise that if my marks slipped I would have to quit my job right away. With just a smile, I ran to my room and called my friend who was already working at the store. My friend met me the next day and took me to the store to meet his manager. I basically had a 20 minute talk with him and I was hired to work in the seafood department Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-4pm with the seafood manager for the first two weeks and then from 4pm-9:30pm Fridays and the weekend from then onward. The weird issue was the uniform which was black sweatpants and a tucked in dress shirt.

For the first two weeks training I wore my own clothes to work but on the first shift in the evening, the manager left me a uniform in the department. I went to the change room and found the sweatpant was the right waist size but the crotch area was too tight. Since I had no choice I went to the department and met my fellow worker who was an 18 years old girl, Barbara (Barb) from my school. She knew my name and gave me a hug surprisingly commenting that I looked nice in a uniform. Months went by and we became good friends. As she lived in the next building over from mine we began meeting every shift and walked to and from work together. It was a nice summer day as we were walking through our normal alleyway and saw two young homeless guys sitting in a corner bottomless touching each other's penis. Barb stared at them attentively but I just pulled her away as she was stunned and we started speed walking to the store when the guys looked up at us.

We worked very quietly for the beginning of the shift; until about 8pm when the store looked pretty much empty. Barb stood beside me saying she was horny since that was her first time seeing a guy naked and that their penis looked like bullets. We cracked up laughing, when I blurted 'they would have shot their circumcised dicks at us if you just stood there.' She looked straight at me and asked 'have you ever wanked? have you ever seen an uncircumcised penis?' all in about a couple of seconds. I was shocked but quickly changed the topic as a customer arrived. I am uncut and wank almost every day but was not going to tell her. We finished the shift and was walking home talking about her going to university, when Barb stops me in the alleyway grabbing the front of my pant waist and asks 'are you circumcised?' Since I was horny all day at work, no one was around now and I could feel my briefs with a precum soaked patch, I decided to tell her and replied 'I have a foreskin so I look different from those guys we saw.' She was so excited that she begged me to show her quickly so we moved behind a garbage bin and I flashed my now erect penis for literally five seconds telling her to promise not to mention this to anyone. I arrived home and in the shower wanked the biggest load I ever did.

The next day on our way to work, she boldly told me that after she went home yesterday and rubbed her clit until she had an orgasm thinking of my cute penis. I closed her mouth with my hand and then whispered to her that I cummed a lot yesterday. Toward the latter part of the evening, I was serving a customer with a large order at the counter, when Barb crawled quietly behind me pulling down my sweatpants and underwear and started poking and playing the drums on my bum. Since the display counters are high, the customer could not see what happened but I had to act as nothing was going on even though I was on exhibition for Barb.

I had gloves on both hands all covered in fish slime but tried to shake my body to get her hands off me. Being a horny teen my dick was hard in a matter of seconds and I decided to have a little fun by spreading my legs a bit for her to see my erection. Barb knew that she was in control and began wanking me off below the counter. Her hands and the floor were covered in my cum, so I finished off with the customer and cleaned myself while Barb washed her hands. Every time one of us was busy with a customer the other would play make their move. If Barb was with a customer I would put my hand into her pants and rub her pussy from outside her panty. I could feel her panty getting wet but did not have enough guts to strip her.

When I turned 18 years old things got more heated between us at the store but that will be another story.



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