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A Friend's Story

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This is written with her permission, providing I give her a false name, so today we will be hearing from ‘Heather’ I’ve known Heather most of my life and although sometimes our friendship drifted apart, it always seems to come back stronger than ever. Like most girls, when we get together, we talk about guys, periods, and other girlie stuff.  Until one day, she dropped this bombshell.....she was 19 when this happened.


” i want to tell you something’ she said. And I could tell it was something big. “ When I was 19, I went all the way.....with my brother.” Pause for shocked reaction....which didn’t come. 

“So, we lived with our dad, “ her mom had run off with a man when she was 16, and her dad had gone into hyper-protective mode, allowing absolutely no one into the family home. No friends. And definitely no girlfriends/boyfriends.

” I guess dad keeping us virtual prisoners in our own house Cory and I had grown closer than usual. We kinda grouped together to fight what dad was doing to us. So, since dad didn’t give a shit how much time we spent with each other.....he thought that was ‘safe’ since it didn’t allow anyone else in, we would sometimes play sexy games. Cory would pretend he was my boyfriend and I would be his girlfriend. We started off just harmless stuff....cuddling...maybe a little kissing. One night we were in his room on his bed watching some crap on theTV and he was holding me. I had my head on his chest and was just enjoying his warmth and his scent....actually, he smelled a bit sweaty, but in a nice way. Now and then he would just plant a kiss on my forehead. So anyway, as he went to kiss me, I pulled him on top of me, and suddenly we were making out big time. I remember putting his hand on my boob, and then tugging my t shirt up so it was on my bare skin. 

I felt his hardon against my leg and rubbed it through his jeans. Well, it didn’t take long for me to unzip him and get it out. Meanwhile, he had slipped his hand from my boob up the inside of my leg and into my panties. That time, we just masturbated each other. He came all over my thigh, and I came on his fingers. That was, in two words, fucking amazing. It was the only sexual contact either of us had ever had....apart from with our own fingers of course. 

For a few weeks, whenever we got time together, it would usually end up with us doing something sexual. Even during my period, he would rub me off, or even lick my clit! I learned to go down on him and mmmmm, I loved that. 

So, this time, we had started off making out as usual, except he was on top of me and dry humping me. My skirt had ridden up and he was only wearing shorts, or maybe boxers. I remember easing them down over his ass. The feeling of his cock against my panties was electrifying. Imagine! Only that thin layer of cotton between me and him! I was getting pretty close, I don’t mind admitting.

But then, something changed. He had never tried to fuck me before, and I had never tried to make him. But I felt his hand between my legs (I still had my hand around his cock at that point). He pulled my panties aside. Something made me steer his cock right at my hole and then, nothing else in the world mattered more than getting him inside me.

it didn’t hurt at all, but then I knew it wouldn’t. Too much practice with candles! He kissed me and.....well.....made love to me. It wasn’t ‘fucking’. It wasn’t two people just needing to get off. This was tender, gentle love making. I came first, twice, in fact before he told me he was real close. I just held him to me and felt him cum inside me.”

Heather told me all this like it was a weight off her shoulders. “I wanted to tell you....I knew you’d understand.”

did I? I can certainly see the eroticism about it. Anything forbidden is erotic, isn’t it? But here, their own dad had forced them together really. By not allowing them to have friends, or partners, I guess it was inevitable that things would go the whole route. 

Me? Oh, I’ve fantasized about my brother....and my dad sometimes. I’d love to be caught masturbating by either of them. Is the thought of my brother fucking me erotic? Yes....highly. Is that ‘normal’? Who the fuck cares. Not me. It is what it is. 

Whatever gets me off is fine by me. I don’t owe anyone an explanation for what I find erotic. Nor does anyone else. 

Heather’s story made me angry. After we talked some more, she told me that she regrets everything she and her brother did, and now, years later, it has colored their relationship a bit.

”Theres this whole area of really important, really personal stuff we just can’t talk about any more.”

Would they have done it if their dad had been more reasonable? Maybe. Heather says she has had the same “being caught by brother” fantasies that I had from about the age of 15. “Being caught is one thing....mutual masturbation is another....but going the whole way?” 

Its a shame that they both have this regret. For me, at the time it happened, it seems to me like an inevitability.

and a beautiful, loving experience. 



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