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A Dream That That Goes Beyond Me

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This is a very graphic and detailed dream I once had.


Walking through the forest, after departing from a group of friends I knew about twenty minutes ago. I was eighteen.
The night was nice, temperature was at least 70 degrees. Their was a nice breeze, and the insects played their music. Crickets, grasshoppers, and frogs made there own sounds as I walked. I could here dry grass crunching under my shoes, and the tall weeds brushed across my legs.
I came to a part in the forest where there was just green grass. I could see its shiny green color under the light of the full moon. I look up, and it looked as If this spot was meant for me. The trees formed an open circle of nothing but green grass, with no sticks or twigs. I stopped for a moment to admire my sweet and peaceful surroundings.
Behind me, I heard something.
I turned my head and I saw three women standing their. So, I turned all the way around and faced them.
All three of them where wearing catholic school girl skirts and button up shirts. Their skirts where rather short, only to between there pelvic and knee area. I knew that they were older than me, for their breast and hips where huge.
'Hi, Jacob,' one of them said.
'How did you know my name?' I said in confusion. 'Who are you?'
'Oh, we've been watching you for quite some time,' another one said.
'Yes, and your eighteen and still a virgin,' the tallest one said, standing in the center. They where all extremely beautiful. All three had long blonde hair, and faces fairer than a princess. I could see that they weren't even wearing a braw. Something told me that they weren't wearing any panties either. Their phat and smooth legs wear long, and seemed to travel into the heavens. These girls where at least twenty.
'Uh, y-yes,' I stammered. I was confused yet intrigued. I was feeling rather good for these women had been watching ME.
'Oh, that's terrible,' another said.
'You have never experience sexual ecstasy with a women?' the one in the center spoke in a surprised tone.
'No,' I said.
'That's surprising,' they all said.
'All the girls in your school think you are just to rowdy and funny to fuck,' the one on the left said. 'You are a comedian in your school, and you like to make people laugh.'
'Oh, yes,' I said.
'Yes, well I heard some of the girls talking about you, and they all say the same thing,' she said. 'He's cute, he's funny, but he's just too hyper.'
'Yeah, but I can't handle myself,' I said. 'When I talk to girls, I like to see them laugh. Theirs nothing more that I like than a pretty girl laughing. It's so cute.'
'ha ha,' one laughed, amused of my attitude.
'Well, we've come to deflower you,' one said, giggling.
'What?' I said, feeling rather uncomfortable of the position I was in. I was in the middle of the woods, and I was talking to catholic girls.
'This is gotta be a joke, seriously,' I said. 'There's somebody around here with a cam corder and I want you to come out, cause this shit aint funny. Fuck you people, you think its funny to do something like this to me cause I'm the laughing stock of the school. So fuck you, and fuck you, goodbye.' I turned around, irritated. To my surprise, there they were again, standing there. I looked behind me once more, and they weren't there.
'Ok, how the hell did you do that,' I said, backing up.
'Oh, its pretty easy really,' one of them said. 'But, damn, you make me really horny when you get mad.'
'Hehehe,' I laughed softly.
They advance towards me, walking in that sexy way that drives me crazy.
'I can feel that you are already a little awake down there,' one of them said, as she approached me and grabbed my crotch. She slightly squeeze.
I blushed.
'Oh, he's blushing,' she said. 'That's so cute.'
The other two walked behind me. They caressed there hands over my back and my shoulders, as they began to circle me, like a vulture getting ready to feed.
'Uh, y-yeah,' I said, nervously. 'No-no girl has ever grabbed me.'
'Oh,' she said, looking as she understood everything I said. She had that look on her face, like she wanted to know me, and hump my brains out at the same time.
'Oh, he's getting a hard already,' she said, caressing my cock n balls.
'Does that feel good,' she said, smiling.
'Uh..y-yeah,' I began to break out in a sweat. I felt warm and feverish. I got nervous and back away.
'You shouldn't be so dishonest,' she said. I know this part of you doesn't want to back off this one.'
'Yeah, but I try not to think through that junction,' I said, cracking a small joke.
'He he, you are funny,' she said.
'I can feel that this one is filled with sexual tension,' one of them said, standing behind me.
'You haven't been beating it lately?' she asked.
'No,' I said, getting even more nervous and a little embarrassed.
'I'll bet, that you have never touched a women where she wants it,' she said.
'Haha,' I let out a weak laugh.
'We, are gonna fuck your brains out,' she said.
'Uh, I'm probably one of the most craziest guys you met, but I would like to keep my virginity, for little while longer,' I said, not thinking right. I was scared, but yet, there was a large part of me that wanted to play along on this one.
'Oh, I'm sorry to here that,' she said.
I turned around, and ran past the two that where standing behind me.
Running, running away for there was something that turned me on from being chased by females that wanted to have their way with me.
As I ran, I could here them chase me. I ran faster, and they were catching up. It felt is if I was floating, hovering over the ground. So, I leaped into the air and gravity let me go. I flew like a bird towards the sky, the wind brushing up against my face. It was bliss, for the law of physics was in my hands now.
I got at a high level in the sky, and looked down. I saw the land below, slowly passing by. The forest was vast, and the trees seemed to stretch on forever.
I turned towards the sky, and there she was flying over me. She came down, and held me tight. Then, I felt two more pairs of hands grasp on to my body. I felt weak, and they were strong. We began to descend towards the ground fast.
I hit the ground with her on top of me.
'Oh, I know you want this,' she said, smiling.
I tried to get up, but she pushed my chest down, and there I stayed. She was stronger than me. She seemed to be supernatural.
She sat on my stomach, keeping me laid down.
'Ooh, I like this position,' she said.
I saw the other two land ever so gracefully near us, for I was looking past her towards the top of the trees. They approached us both.
'Ah, you caught em,' they both said.
The one sitting on me took her shirt off, and her big perky tits bounced into visibility. She tossed it aside.
'You like these?' she asked.
'Uh, oh yea!' I said, going along with if finally.
She grabbed my hands, and she put them to her tits. I squeezed them with envy, for they were big, warm, and soft.
She took on hand, and put it under her skirt. Just as I thought, she wasn't wearing panties, for I could feel her pussy lips on my fingers.
'Oh,' I stuttered. I ran my fingers over her slit, and fiddled her clit.
'Stick it in, please,' she said nicely.
I did so, and her vagina was hot, gooey and slick. I dug my middle finger deep within her.
I ran it in and out over and over again.
'Umm, you are good with your hands, but what else are you good with,' she said, smiling.
She got up.
I stood up with her. They all took there tops off, and they all had the most perfect and smooth tits I have ever seen.
The two where behind me, and one reached for my shirt, and slipped it off over my arms. As she did that, the other one pulled my pants and boxers down. I stepped out of them.
I looked down, and my cock was standing at attention, hard as hell. It throbbed in anticipation.
'Wow, you have one of the most amazing penises,' she said.
'He does,' one standing behind me said.
They both walked around me, and they admired.
I stood there, completely comfortable with the moment.
'I want that in me,' one of them said.
She walked up to me, and touched her tits against my chest. I could feel my cock rubbing through her pussy lips. Her pussy was so wet.
She hugged me, and squeezed her legs together.
'You are a man,' she said, seemed to be excited about that fact.
She nudged me towards the ground, and I lay on my back. As she did, the other two took their skirts down. I looked at there tits and pussies as if they where heaven.
She took my cock and stood it up right, pointed to the sky. She put her mouth around it, and sucked hard.
'Ahh,' I said with pleasure. I looked at the sky, tilting my head back in pleasure.
Another one of the women stood over me. She looked down, and smiled.
I smiled back up at her.
She knelt down to her knees and put her pussy right above my face, and the she lowered. Her lips touched my mouth, and she softly rubbed it against my face.
I began to lick, and her pussy got so wet. It dripped all over my mouth and nose. I stuck my tongue in her. I heard her moan with pleasure.
'This boy is good,' she said.
I licked her clitoris as good as I good, and she orgasmed on my face. It gushed out into my mouth. It tasted like cherry and watermelon.
The girl that sucked my cock let off, and the girl on my face got up.
The girl that was sucking me wasn't done. She hovered over, and went down on me.
My cock slid into her pussy with ease. It felt so good, a wave of energy seemed to come from her body and jump to mine, and it spread through all of my anatomy. Her vagina was so soft, so tight, and so wet.
I could here the wet sloppy sounds coming from her vagina with every thrust. Her vaginal walls ground up against my shaft, pulsing and vibrating slowly. I stuck my cock in deeper until I could go no further.
'Oh, you are so good,' she exclaimed.
Then, I felt it. I felt it coming a mile away. That tiny little feeling I get deep within my groan before I cum. My cock started to throb and convulse, and I felt her pussy grip my penis rapidly.
She let out moan after moan, getting into it, her vagina loving it.
'I'm gonna blow,' I grunted.
Then, I felt it rush out like a river that was broken through a damn. It oozed inside of her, and It felt warm. She must have came at the same time, cause there was wet sloppy slimy stuff all over my belly and thighs.
'She lay their on top of me, exhausted. They all snuggled up close to each other, and I put my arms around them all. On lay up against me on the right, one lay up against me on the left, and the other lay on me, her breasts squished up against my chest.
We all lay their, naked in the woods, under the full moon.
I woke up. Coming to my senses, the daze clearing, I felt that warm wet feeling on my belly. It soaked my boxers, and it dribbled down onto my bed. It was all over.
'Man, that was a good one,' I said, smiling.



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