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A Day In The Pool - Sister in Law

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True account of a day floating around the pool and a surprising request from my sister-in-law. Totally unexpected. This was the first of quite a few masturbation shows we put on for each other.


It was summertime in Southern CA, about 10 years ago and my brother in law, sister in law and their kids, along with some good friends of ours were coming over for a BBQ, and float in the pool day. We done this many times always with lots of laughs, joking around and simply a good time.

Now my in laws lived about any hour away, and since we have a big home they always stayed the night, no reason to drink and drive.

So this day was really like all others just floating around until my sister in law (I'll call her Sil for the rest of this story) says I really like your nipples. I laughed, because it was a from out of now where comment and didn't think much about it. By the way I'm a normal guy with normal nipples, but honestly they do seem to get hard easily and I do enjoy having them played with.

So on we go. Sil is an attractive women, not drop dead gorgeous, but I always liked looking at her, she about 5.4, with dark hair, cut to around the shoulders and the most wonderful pair of breasts you could imagine on this smaller body. Here tits were easily double E's. So full so soft looking to the touch and a natural sag that just made her seem so womanly.

Now of course I had noticed these before and yes I had gotten aroused thinking of them, but just never thought anything would come of it.

The day continues, our other guests leave, and the kids are being put to bed by my wife and b.i.l. Sil is downstairs with me and joking how we got out of helping with the kids. I was wearing a light colored shirt, thin material, the AC was on and my nips were poking out, so once again she says I really like your nipples, this time in some kind of male female role reversal, I said well everyone is upstairs if you want to play with them, now is your chance. I wasn't expecting her to take me up on this offer, but she shuffles right up to me, puts her hands on my chest and starts pulling and fondling my nips with a passion that surprised the hell out of me. I didn't know where this was coming from but WOW did it feel good. So good that I could feel that familiar feeling in my balls and feel that blood start to flow. Sil sensed it too and kept playing. Well we couldn't do much more at the moment as the spouses were heading downstairs. I whispered to here to stay up with me when everyone else went to bed. She said ok, and looked at the bulge in my shorts.

So after a day of sun and food and booze the spouses said they were sleepy and going to bed, I said I was going to keep watching TV for awhile and Sil said she would too.

About 20 minutes later I could hear snoring coming from all rooms upstairs so I turned to Sil and told her how arousing it was for her to play with me like that, but that I was totally caught off guard and actually didn't know what to do. She told me to relax, she said she was watching me in the pool and thought I looked good, she said she also noticed I was sneaking peeks at her tits and she just got this desire to want to play with my nipples.

I laughed and said well I'm glad you did and please feel free to play with them whenever you want. With those words she scooted over on the couch unbuttoned my shirt and started sucking on my nipples. I was really blown away, it seemed I should be the on daoing this. lol... So this goes on for at least 10 minutes, and I am now rock hard. I tell Sil, look what you have done to me, the least you could do is let me play with your tits. Instantly she stands up and says stand behind me and touch them if you want. She knew I was hard and she knew she would be my dick pressed against her. Now I'm 6.2 so my cock is pressed against her back and I reach around and start fondling these beautiful 34 EE's. SO soft, so full I'm in heaven. Now at this point I feeling over her shirt, her nipples are now poking out and I ask if I can feel from underneath the shirt. Now it's fantasy come true time, she wearing a lacy bra, and the feel of the material her thick hard nipple and fleshy tits are almost to unbearable for me. My hands are full, I'm kissing her neck and grinding like a mad man against her. I quickly turn her around and we kiss.. I think it surpised the hell out of both of us, but we were like two teenagers in a car. She has on hand rubbing my hard on the other pinching my nipples. My hand is squeezing her tits and rubbing her nipples and my other hand is grasped firmly on her ass.

This goes on for a few minutes and I say I have to see your tits Sil, I have to suck on the great nipples. She doesn't say a word but lead me to the couch, instantly her top and bra come off and there hanging full and low are her magnificent breasts. Large light brown areola, nice thick hard nipples. I just stared. She was loving it and lifting her nipples to her mouth and sucking on them, pulling them hard. I couldn't believe my eyes. Sil is putting on a show for me, my cock is just begging to be released from my pants, and I start rubbing it over my pants. Sil's eyes got bigger as I did this, and asked if she enjoyed watching a man play with himself. She smiled, slid he hand done her pants pulled it out and said here's what it does to me and she proceeds to suck here very wet finger, while I un-zipper my pants. I wasn't wearing underwear, so with one pull my cock was standing at full attention for Sil to see. I guess my cock is average 6.5 but fairly thick. Sil now stared and I stared stroking my dick slowly, up and sown the shaft, then covering the head, squeezing my balls with my other hand. Knowing she enjoyed my nipples I started pulling on them too as I stroked myself. We are about 2 feet apart her hand slides in her pants and starts matching my rhythm. This is now becoming to much to take and tell Sil I'm going to come soon. She starts smiling and says yes yes please come, please come now for me. For whatever reason I decided to stand up right before I came and in front of her. My cock level with her face. The look in her eyes were both lust and surprise. I told this was it, I'm going to come and was going to just turn to the side and shoot, but she reached out and grabbed my hips to stay straight and opened her mouth. I'm stroking like there is no tomorrow and bam, the first rope of cum flies out landing right on her lips a couple of more follow landing on her chin and cheeks, she is moaning like crazy with one hand buried in her pants. Suddenly this intense hard cum releases itself spraying her gorgeous boobs.

I just hunch over to catch my breathe while Sil goes into beautiful to watch orgasm, one hand in her pants the other licking the cum off her breast. And then silence for a second as we looked at each other wondering what in the world just happened. Then she smiled, used her fingers very creatively and wipes all the cum from her face and breasts and swallowed it all. She then got up and gave a very deep cummy kiss (it was enjoyable people) and said she should go to bed. We hugged made sure we were both ok with what happened and went to bed.

This is the first of many masturbation sessions that we've enjoyed. I hope the story wasn't too long, but it felt great to relive the experience through words. Happy jack and jilling everyone.



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