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Cock Challenge

I was showering after training at the gym, when I noticed this short plumpish man in the stall across from me, subtly playing with his tool whilst stealing glances at me and my cock.I don't know what came over me, as I would not do what I did and I am not sure if I would ever repeat it. Usually when I notice somebody masturbating in the showers I just ignore it.

Anyway for some strange reason that evening, I became bold and winked at him. As I started stroking along under the pretext of soaping up and washing, he also followed suit and started exhibiting an impressive thick and long tool, with an equally large glans escaping from the foreskin. It was all naughty and highly intoxicating.

After sometime I called it quits, turned around and placed my dick under the shower and cooled off. I became concerned about shooting off and getting caught, small town talk and fear of the homo tag.

I saw him again this past friday, in the steam room shadow boxing with another man. I was hoping to catch them in the act. The act did not happen, but I was rewarded with a nice view of his obviously aroused dick, a magnificent piece of equipment.

Posted on: 2004-06-03 00:00:00 | Author: