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You Are in Good Hands With Mom

When I was about thirteen my Mom would wake me up for school every morning. Obviously there would be days where just yelling up the stairs to get up did not work, so she would come up to make sure I was up, getting ready.

One morning she surprised me by just coming into my room to wake me. Needless to say she had caught me rubbing myself for an early morning delight. I thought I would fool her and pretend I was asleep still with the covers on. She knew better. She walked over and was talking to herself acting like she did not really know I was awake. She pulled the cover down and of course my cock was still firm with some traces of vaseline still on it.

She acted surprised and said that I must have a sore muscle, it looked hard so she was going to be kind and not wake me yet and would try to see, as a surprise for me, if she could get the muscle to eventually relax. I was horrified. What was I to do? So I just lay there.

She must have known about my jackoff sessions because she opened the table drawer and pulled out the vaseline. She started putting it on my cock and of course it didn't get softer but harder. She kept talking softly like as not to wake me up as she put on the vaseline. She then started tickling my balls, stomach and between my legs as she rubbed my dick. I was in big time trouble I thought. I couldn't wake up and let her know what was happening, so I tried to play it cool and act like I was 'dreaming'.

Man was she good at this. I kept squirming all over pretending that I was having a dream(yeah, it was going to be a wet one). She 'played along' still rubbing and jacking off as though nothing was wrong.

Her hands were so soft, and she pretended to get my arms out of the way. I was gripping the sheets and clutching them to keep from going nuts, so she said it might be better if she put my hands near the headboard. Of course she knew I needed something to grab onto which I pretended to do while still 'sleeping'.

It got closer and closer until I could not hold it any longer and shot a huge load up in the air while moaning like an idiot thinking she still thought I was asleep. She reached in the drawer and got some kleenex and cleaned me up, then left the bedroom and went downstairs and yelled for me to get up like nothing had happened!!

She never said anything about this adventure but boy did I enjoy being awakened that morning. Great way to start the day.

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