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I Thought Mom Was Sleeping

Well one day I had a question to ask my mom and it was like ten at night. So I go into my parents bed room, (my dad works night shift), so I walk in and there is my mom laying on her stomach with a towel on. It looked like she was reading a book, so I called her to ask her a question but she did not answer me. So I got closer to her, her legs were halfway off the bed, I looked at her and she looked like she was sleeping. So I looked up through the towel and she was not wearing any panties, so I lifted up the towel and leaned in closer to her pussy to smell it. It smelled so sweet that I became hard.

So I reached in and touched it, I also touched her ass, oh my god it was so nice, so I started to finger her and that's when it happened. She turned over and asked what I was doing, me being startled said, 'I was turning off the light', and she said 'No you weren't you were fingering me and it felt good.' She asked if i've ever done anything with a woman. I replied nothing but kissing. Then she asked if I could do anything, what it would be. I said I wanted to eat a girl out and she said that I could eat her out. I was reluctant at first, I was scared that she was going to tell my father but she said that she would not. So as I was about to begin she pulled off her towel and told me to take off my clothes and lay on the bed. I did, and she straddled me and jacked me off. Oh my god it was so good.

I wish to have more incidents like this happen, but till they do...

Posted on: 2004-06-02 00:00:00 | Author: