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This happened about 3 years ago. I was dating this really fat woman who could not satisfy me and I was sexually frustrated.

I have a neighbor who is a professional in the city. We live in the country and she is single and has never married. I was married but I am divorced now. Roxy is 11 years my junior. She has a face and body to die for. She is about 5foot 8inches and thin. Her legs are long and perfect. In the summer she tans to a brown that makes me much more horny for some odd reason.

So one hot summer night I came home from a date with my fat woman (dinner date needless to say) and I am really horny. I went to bed early and frustrated and as I rolled over to go to sleep I saw Roxy's bedroom light on. She and I have always been friends but the only time she called on me was to cry on my shoulder about some butthead she had dated or something in need of home repair. I was laying there remembering I had forgotten to check on my neighbor's pool on the other side of me as they were on vacation, and then I remembered the last time Roxy and I were together, she told me to call her any time if I ever needed anything.

I decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. I picked up the phone and called Roxy and said, 'Yo Roxy ,it's me, your neighbor. The one with the 12 inch schlong you have been wondering about(laughing). Want to go skinny dipping in the moonlight?' Much to my shock and excitement she called my bluff and said, 'Sure! I'll be right over.'

So she comes over in her swim suit and robe(it was getting cool), and some flip-flops. I was dressed much the same only with a long sleeve shirt and nothing on my feet. As we walked over to my other neighbor's house I told her how they were gone for the week and I had to look after the yard and pool. She was looking so cute and hot. She looked me in the eyes and asked, 'Are we really going to do this?' I happened to glance down at her chest and could see her nipples sticking out in anticipation of what might come next.

Ever since my divorce I have been kind of hot and cold with women but now I was actually feeling the old familiar stir in my pants myself. I pondered her question and then offered a cute retort, 'You don't have to do anything you don't want to but as for me and mine, we will be naked!'

In the light of the moon and the landscape lights I could see Roxy take off her robe and flippers and slowly inch down into the warm pool water as I looked over the pool pump and filter. I heard Roxy offer up an excited, 'This water is so nice and warm! It is actually warmer in the water than in the air! Hurry up and join me!'

I told her I would but I had to take the net to the surface before I did. Much to my shock as I was getting the bugs and leaves off of the surface I happened to notice Roxy had already taken her top off. I could see the shape of her breasts in the underwater pool lights. She smiled up at me and said in a teasing tone, 'See anything you like?' Not one to be gotten the better of I said 'At least two things...'.

Roxy started laughing as I rapidly finished my chore to the point of almost snapping the net off its pole. I found I had a pole of my own now making a tent in my pants.

By the time I jumped in the pool, Roxy produced her swim suit bottoms and gave them a toss onto the pool deck. She had a devilish smile as she came up to me and straddled my lap. She looked into my eyes and as she got her lips close to mine and said, 'You are such a pussy. Such a b.s. artist. Here I am all naked and there you are with your swim suit on'.

That was about all I needed as I gave her a push away from me and dropped my pants into the bottom of the pool. As we reconnected I could feel my member seeking her warmth. She got a little nervous though and said, 'We have to be careful as I am no longer on the pill now.' I shrugged and told her I agreed. She let me carry her around the pool on my lap as we started to kiss and she let me fondle her breasts.

I could soon tell we were both too hot to keep up what we were doing and needed some relief. I kept my left arm around her back and put my right hand under the water. First I searched for her hole and watched her squirm and shut her eyes as I inserted a finger. Next I took my manhood in my hand and started to rub it up and down. She started to breathe heavy and buck her hips on me. Soon she arched her back and pushed into me so hard I thought she was going to break my ribs with her legs.

When she regained her composure she said, 'Thanks! I really needed that. Now, how are we going to take care of you, perhaps I can help?' I was not sure what she meant but I soon got the idea after we got started.

I got out of the pool on the deck and I went to grab my cock, she swatted my hand out of the way and she picked up some sun tan lotion that had been left poolside. She squirted some on her hands, then her hands found my cock and balls. Soon we had an odd little sexual act all of our own going on, whereby I was giving her a good fingering and getting all worked up at the sight of her long brown legs and small firm breasts standing up towards the moon from her chest. Her head was thrown back in orgasmic ecstasy. Her hands working their magic on my groin was all it took to put me over the top.

We concluded the evening with her feeling my warm load spurting on her legs and me feeling her juices on my fingers.

We promised each other to repeat our performance but never have. I ended up breaking up with my fat chick. Roxy is still hot and I am still horny for her. I have loved my neighbor better than I could ever have loved myself. LOL

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