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Making out

I was a junior in college. I was sort of a geek with no girlfriend, and had suffered three years of seeing beautiful coeds, wearing almost nothing, making out with their boyfriends. I could hardly take it anymore. I masturbated several times a day, every day, thinking of all the coeds in short shorts, skimpy tops, tanned legs, and often sunning themselves in bikinis.

In one of my classes, there was a girl who often looked in my direction. She sometimes wore a mini-skirt, and she had very nice legs. One day after class, when she was wearing a particularly short dress, and I was feeling very horny (which was almost all the time), I simply walked by her and said, 'I really like that dress.'

She smiled at me and just said, 'Hi'. But the next day, she decided to sit behind me in class, and she was wearing another very short dress. Occasionally, when I got the opportunity without being too obvious, I would turn around and look down at her legs. She allowed her dress to slide up further, and she dangled her crossed legs back and forth, and smiled at me again. After class, we talked briefly and I found that she lived not far from me (I lived with my parents and commuted to college. She did likewise). A few days later, she asked me if she could ride to school with me for a few days while her car was being repaired. I said, 'Sure. No problem.' She actually wound up riding with me for two weeks or more.

On some occasions, she wore white knit shorts that looked just incredible against her tanned legs. We got to be good friends, and we talked about everything, including past opposite sex friends, and the conversations even turned toward sex topics. We would take long drives together, and I told her how much I enjoyed her company, especially with her short shorts and pretty legs. She said she was glad that I enjoyed looking at them, and she made sure to wear something that showed her legs almost every time we went out. And every time, I would get a huge hard-on. She would notice it through my pants. I caught her looking at my swollen bulge on various occasions. She got into the habit of looking every time we went out. Eventually, she started reaching over and taking a quick grab-nothing very erotic, but it made me get even harder. She seemed to like this because she would giggle every time she did it. I had never had anyone to touch my penis before her, and this was a very pleasant sensation, even though it only lasted a second each time she grabbed. It was almost like just a quick little pinch.

I had read stories about girls touching guys' penises and giving them complete handjobs, but I never thought I would meet one who would. Remember, I was a geek. I somehow thought that very few women actually wanted to touch guys' penises. The stories I read were a tremendous turn-on though, and I dreamed about my new 'girlfriend' actually touching mine.

One day I got up the nerve to ask this girl to go to a drive-in movie. She accepted, and a couple days later we were in my car at the drive-in. She wasn't wearing her usual shorts but wore blue-jeans instead. This really disappointed me. However, she did wear a short top that tied in front. After 30 minutes or so of watching a 'B' movie, we began to cuddle and eventually started kissing. We had only kissed lightly a couple times prior to this. But on this evening, our kisses had more passion, and they were a turn-on for both of us. All of a sudden, she put her right hand on my left thigh and began sliding it up and down my thigh. I felt an enormous erection coming on. Her hand kept getting closer and closer to my penis, and finally it touched the tip. I thought I was going to explode right there! This had never happened to me before. Remember: I was 21 and had never had a sexual experience with anyone. You can imagine the excitement!

I had an urge to touch her breasts, and I decided to take the chance and see what would happen. She had fairly large breasts, and they were quite firm. I wasted no time untying the knot in front of her top. She offered no resistance whatsoever. I couldn't see her breasts well because it was dark, but they felt heavenly. Once her breasts were free, she ran her entire hand up my thigh and onto my penis, and she grabbed it gently and began stroking me through my pants. I continued working on her breasts, and then began taking each one into my mouth and sucking on her nipples.

I then tried to make my way down to her crotch, but for some reason she stopped me. But she continued stroking me, and I was becoming very uncomfortable. I didn't know what to do. I wanted her to touch me directly so badly, not through my pants. But I wasn't sure what she would do if I unzipped. As she kept stroking me, I decided there was only one way to find out. So I did it: I unzipped my pants and pulled out my swollen dick. She kept right on stroking me. It was the most awesome experience in my entire life!

Within a minute or two, I told her I was going to come, and that I had a box of tissues on the floor. She didn't stop stroking to get the tissues. She didn't say anything; she just stroked me, and stroked me, and finally I shot my load all over her hand. After I had come in her hand, she then reached for the tissues to clean herself up and wipe off my penis. I asked her if I could remove her pants and return the favor. She wouldn't let me.

Even though we had several other wonderful evenings like the one above, she would never let me touch her vagina or clitoris except through her shorts or underwear. But she gave me many extremely satisfying handjobs whenever we went out for the next two years. She also eventually began undressing for me when she masturbated me. She truly seemed to enjoy this, and frankly, I was out of my mind with pleasure. Interestingly, her parents never seemed to mind that we spent long sessions in her bedroom or the basement of their house. They never bothered us.

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