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With my Sister Watching

I went home to visit my family and spend time with them. When I use to live there my sister found out that I was using her panties to masturbate, and she would have talks with me about it. She gave me a pair of her panties to use as well as one of her bras when I left to use while I was gone. Before I went home I told my sister that I wanted to try on some of her clothes and see what it was like. When I returned home after a couple of days I brought it up and we went to her room. When I first walked in the room she grabbed some outfits and laid them on her bed, then I asked her for one of her bras (she gave me a white one) a pair of her panties (she gave me a thong) and some nylons. She helped me put on the bra and then she left the room. I changed into the first outfit and told her to come in. She sat down and then I showed her what it looked like. She stayed in the room and I changed into the next outfit. She noticed that I had a huge hard on and said that this outfit wasn't meant for dick. She watched as I changed outfits and then when I had the last one on she said this one looked the best and I could keep it. She left the room and I started to rub my throbbing dick. When I was done I put her panties back full of cum in her drawer.

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