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Conversations With Willie

By the time I was 10, I had been masturbating for at least 6 months, having dry orgasms. Our parents frequently went to the same social events, and when they did this, I was taken to Willie's house where he and I were watched by the same sitter. The sitter, a 17 year old girl, paid more attention to the sexy novels she read than to the kids she was supposed to supervise. Willie and I usually went to his room where we would get into card games which sooner or later became boring for an active 10 year old. In the middle of a game, I suddenly asked Willie, if he jacked off. He looked at me with surprise, and hesitatingly said yes. Then he asked me how I knew about this. I told him I had been doing it for about 6 months. Well, what do you want to know was his next question. I said that no matter how long I jacked, I did not come like some of the other boys said they did by shooting a white liquid out of their pricks. I wanted to know why this was. He got up locked the door, and told me to take my clothes off. When I did, he looked at my hard little hairless 3 inch pecker saying you are too young to come. You first have to grow hair around it. Then I asked him to show me his thing which he did. I saw an impressive 5 or 6 inch penis with a little hair above its base. I began to shower him with questions such as why is it so big, do you shoot off, does your's get red when you jack? He gave enlightening answers to these childish questions. I was now superheated, and asked him to jack off for me. He said he would if I jacked with him. He took off his clothes, and we began. What seemed like forever, but must have been about 10 minutes later, Willie's body stiffened, he began to shake all over, and his prick shot 5 or 6 times. This set off my orgasm which was the hardest I'd had till then, but it was dry as usual.

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