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Video Help

A few years ago my wife was out of town for a few days and by the second day I was horny as hell! I had some old videos of us having sex together and began to watch them all. I had a huge hard-on for two hours and knew that I had to get relief, so I set up the camcorder to capture the cum shots. I have always been a big cummer and I know that most guys come less than a teaspoon full. I have measured a few of my big orgasms and I can overfill a tablespoon!

Anyway, as the camcorder was running and recording me jacking off, my wife came violently and loudly in the video I was watching. I couldn't hold it anymore and shot a thick spray over three feet, beyond the camcorder's view. The second shot went around two feet and the third one about a foot. There was some more oozing after that and the total amount of cum amazed me.

I have a couple of other long shots on video and the people that have seen the videos (a brother-in-law and a couple of friends) can't believe the quantity and quality of grade AAA sperm. I have a couple of other tapes of me cumming with no stroking at the end. I just hold the base of my eight-and-a-quarter inch cock and let the cock muscles pump and pump and pump. I would like to show these videos to more people. Maybe some day. I need relief again right now!

Posted on: 2004-05-05 00:00:00 | Author: