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Adult Arcade Fun

Once while traveling I stopped at an adult arcade near the east coast. It had the normal setup, a dark room in the back with booths lined up. I got a few dollars worth of tokens and took my spot in a booth and started flicking through the video choices.

I heard the door of the booth next to me close and latch. I noticed a small door at waist level with a latch. I opened it to find a window between the booths that allowed me to view my 'neighbor', and I was both shocked and excited to see his pants at his knees and his cock being worked over by another man. I bent down to get a better view (it was much more exciting than the flick) and watched as this third guy brought my neighbor to an orgasm. I was so hard, I had my cock out, pointing at the window and stroking.

The fellow next to me was wiping up and pulling his pants back on when I heard a tap on my door. I opened it and the guy who was doing the jerking slipped in. Without a word he grabbed my huge hard on and began stroking it. A new guest in the neighboring booth entered and was watching us just as I had done earlier. It only took moments before I blew a huge load all over his hand and the floor, in perfect view of the window. This fellow took a few extra strokes, commented on what a beautiful cock I had, handed me a couple tissues to wipe up with, and left while I gathered myself.

It was a great release, and now when I travel in that area I make a point to stop at this place. I have since had several similar experiences.

Posted on: 2004-05-05 00:00:00 | Author: