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At Band Camp

I am now a 19 yo male, this story happened while i was in Grade 9. I was 15 at the time and could not wait until band camp came around, the only reason i joined band was because of band camp.

When we finely go to camp we had to draw names to see who we would be bunking with. I drew Randy and Steve, two alright guys but i never really knew them. The camp was set up with all the rooms upstairs and in each room their were 5 beds. i was the first one into the room and got the pick of the beds, i picked the biggest one in the corner. Randy came in next and picked the bed opposite me, and steve took the bed closest to the door. We made small talk and i showed them my Adam Sandler Cd and they listed to it and laughed.

Supper came next and bed after that. we all go to the room and started to change for bed, tihs is the first time I saw Randy naked, he had his back turned to me, his butt was bare and his balls were hanging low, i kinda got turned on but shook it out of my head. Randy was a cute kid, he was skinny, about 5'9' with almost no hair on him. Now steve was next he was a bit more shy about being naked and he jumped under his covers to change. i just striped down to my boxers an got into bed.

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