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Watching By Moonlight

At age sixty-three sex is less frequent, but no less exciting, especially when I act on my imagination without heeding my inhibitions. Enjoying sex also provides an incentive to stay in excellent physical shape.

My wife and I went to bed, both tired. We turned out the lights, and said 'Goodnight!' to each other. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, the full moon shone through the window on my side of the bed. I love masturbating and have done it with her many times. My sexually active mind wanted to masturbate in the moonlight, while she watched. I hesitated, and then went for it. Fully expecting her to want to go to sleep, I asked anyway. 'Want to do something fun?'
Her happy response was, 'Sure,' as she agreed to watch me masturbate in the moonlight.

My body responded. I turned down the covers, removed all my clothes, and aroused my penis to attention. It was already standing on its own, as I gently stroked with my thumb and two fingers, making sure she had a full view. She turned on her side to watch. Unable to contain her own arousal while watching my slow, self-caressing. She moved over to me, and started sucking my right nipple. She moved her right arm between my legs from the rear to scratch lightly around my balls with her finger-nails. Her head was on my chest looking down at my very hard and erect penis. I lifted my head to see my own penis and hand putting on a show for me and my observant wife. Our excitement grew, along with my throbbing swollen member, as I slowly stroked for our viewing pleasure in the moonlight. I used just my thumb and two fingers, so we could see my entire shaft expand to its maximum.

With a quick interruption I adroitly found the KY Jelly and applied some to the fingers of both hands. My left hand went back to my throbbing penis. My right hand easily found my wife's clitoris behind me. Her little knob was full and swollen and reacted easily to my lubricated middle finger. This was heaven.

I tried to prolong this very pleasurable and new way to masturbate, but the moon and her curious eyes pushed me over the edge. Silvery, moonlit strands of semen spewed from the tip of my penis as we both watched. After I came to a pulsating climax, she moaned as I continued to stroke her clitoris with my practiced hand. She responded beautifully with an extremely strong, multi-orgasmic climax within a few seconds, as I slowly stroked the last waves of pleasure from my own still-hard penis and her still-throbbing clitoris.

She rested quietly in my arms as we both savored the fever of masturbation we had just enjoyed together. I secretly gave thanks for my impulsive nature and for the moonlight. And for the sensuous gift of self-pleasuring. So much joy and stimulation for so little risk and effort. Climaxing is nature's miracle drug.

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