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Wife's Friends

My wife and I have been masturbating together for several months. We both thought it was kind of weird to begin with, but it soon caught on as we do it several times each week. My wife told two of her friends about it and they commented that they have never seen a man masturbate before (in real life). So she came to me and asked if I would mind masturbating for them if she invited them over some night. I gave it some thought for a few days and told my wife to invite them over so she did. After a lite dinner we moved to the living room where we inserted a porno tape into the VCR. After several minutes of watching the tape I began to undress. Once totally naked I lubed up and started stroking. The ladies were fixated on me and I loved it. I came really hard. I hope sometime that they will return the favor.

Posted on: 2004-04-14 00:00:00 | Author: