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Squirting Turtle

I began masturbating about seven years ago. It's not a regular thing for me. Recently I discovered something while in the shower. I felt extra horny and I was doing myself under the water. When my orgasm hit I felt kinda weird. I noticed I was more 'juicy' than normal. I finished my shower and continued my day. Later that evening I was curious about that wet orgasm that I had in the morning. I got in the shower and fingered myself. I had an orgasm but it wasn't like before. I continued to experiment and then a few days later I hit gold. I was lying in bed rubbing my clit very gently. Almost barely touching it. Then I stuffed my two fingers in deep. When I came my thighs became wet. I realized I had peed slightly. THAT was my extra moisture. So from now on I drink a few glasses of water before sex or jilling. My boyfriend thinks I have a 'squirting turtle' but actually my bladder relaxes during orgasm. Only if my clit gets hit a certain way followed by deep penetration. I guess it goes to show that we can learn new things by going deeper.

Posted on: 2004-02-24 00:00:00 | Author: