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My Orgasms Are Even Stronger Now That I'm Enjoying Other Men

As I've become more comfortable exploring alternate sexuality as a straight man, I found myself fantasizing about sucking cock while I stroke myself. From my visits to adult bookstore and adult theaters, I've learned that I'm not at all attracted to men, but seeing other hard dicks in person is arousing. I've stroked a few and had other stroke me, but never fully sucked one into my mouth.

This past weekend, I visited a new bookstore that had a good setup. I had rows of booths facing each other with a hallway in the middle, each booth with a curtain you can open or close at will. As soon as I went I realized I liked it, because I need time to warm up. I watch the porn on the screen until I get hard, and then I start stroking, and then as I get even more aroused, I pull my pants down to my knees, etc. And on this day it progressed from there, where I then opened the curtain so I could see the booth across the hall.

There was only eight feet between us and sure enough, the man across the way had his curtain open and was stroking openly. We made eye contact, so I turned to face him. He did the same. Then I dropped both my pants and underwear all the way to my ankles, and he did the same. So here we were looking at each other's naked bodies, stroking, and breathing heavily. Then he walked over and came into my booth. We stroked more and he eventually asked me to suck him. But I didn't want to. So he went back to his booth.

Other people came and went and I watched a few more videos, getting close to the edge of cumming. I switched booths and again saw another man across the way with his curtain open, except his cock was gigantic. I stared at it and got super aroused, so I took all of my clothes off. Now I was completely naked and dripping lots of precum. I asked that man if I could touch and him and he said no. By then the first guy was back and I was fully ready to cum. So I went back to this first booth and we faced each other again with him walking into my booth. We both stroked and I was so completely turned on that I suddenly felt the urge to suck his cock. So I told him I wanted to get a closer look of his cock, down on my knees. He said ok. So I got down on my knees and started stroking again as he jerked his dick within inches of my face, and I saw he was wearing a condom and had a wedding band on his hand. This was a relief actually because I was afraid of STD's.

My cock got rock hard and I said to him that maybe I'd like to lick the head and he moaned. His cock was half hard. So I licked it once and then took the head into my mouth and started sucking. It grew harder and I felt my orgasm rising up again. Then I took his entire cock into my mouth and started sucking it up and down like women do. I was breathing and moaning heavily. It felt amazing and I was on the edge of coming, so I took it out and told him. He said yes, cum. So put back and sucked it faster and started ejaculated immediately. Four strong spurts of cum and I moaned with his cock still in my mouth. It was incredible. Then I just stood up, pulled my clothes back together, and left dizzy. I can't wait to do this again

Posted on: 2023-12-08 12:01:01 | Author: