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Including My Wife

Including My Wife

I have enjoyed your site immensely - not because I was "learning" anything, aside from the fact that I was not alone ;)

I would not accurately recall when I began mastubating - probably around 9 or 10, I THINK ;) I'm not a storyteller, so I could not put up an autoerotic "biography" for you (else I would :)

I NEVER thought it was "wrong", but I always DID think it was "private" - so I never shared with others, and (of course) never discussed it with my parents during childhood.(hey, part of being young is you are entitled to be stupid :D)

(nothing that feels THAT good could POSSIBLY be "wrong" - God doesn't do things that way :D)

Anyway - I now find myself in a situation that I would warn others of ... I USED to make sure I had at least 1 orgasm a day - if not with my wife, then I satisfied myself, by myself. A few years ago, we combined our offices (we both work at home), where I had the upper floor of one building, and she had an office over in the house (the other building). Privacy became nonexistent ... so did self-enjoyment. Our schedules are such there is no WAY the 2 of us were going to make love every day ...

So, "use it or lose it" kicked in - I came to this site to recall ;)


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